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Lee Seung Gi to Sing Fan-Requested Songs – February 2014 Valentine’s Request Stage in Chiba, Japan

Why is Seunggi’s JAPAN style always WAY better than Korean stuffs?!?!  Looking forward to the fancams and pics from this~ LEE SEUNG GI Valentine’s REQUEST STAGE.  Valentines Day can be SO overrated, but can’t deny the awesome feeling of receiving roses…!  Tough guys are cool, but I’m a sap for sweet and romantic guys.  Seunggi’s video message for the event~

English: LSGfan, video: KOARImovienews

Hello, happy to see you.  I’m Lee Seunggi. Fans in Japan~ have you been well?  Finally, the 2014 new year has started.  This past 2013 year, because of all your love and strength, I had a happy year.  Continuing that energy into 2014, on February 8 and 9, there will be a live show at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall.  (Ha, Seunggi himself taking time to clap for this news!)  As it’s been a while since I’ve been able to meet Japanese fans, I’m nervous and excited.  I hope many of you in Japan will be able to attend.  And I hope 2014 will be a healthy and happy new year for you all.

February 8 and 9, see you at Makuhari Messe!
(Aw love it when Seunggi does the V peace sign!)

Makuhari Messe Event Hall (ENG)
Chiba, Japan

Image: Koari

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