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Lee Seung Gi Firstlook and WeMakePrice CF Endorsements Join Forces

“Seunggi’s New Year First Gift.”  Newly launched Firstlook was only sold through CJ Mall and on a very limited basis, at the 1st Look Market.  But now, it’s branched out… to Seunggi’s other CF endorsement site, WeMakePrice!  WeMap also did a similar promotion for Perioe.  I’m assuming Seunggi was very well-compensated for his WeMap endorsement, especially since they have photo-imaged him with a bunch of other brands they’re selling on their site!

Hope we get some different image looks of Seunggi and model Choi Ara.
Based on the BTS video of the shoot, they posed for a lot more stuffs.

Images: Firstlook/CJ, WeMakePrice

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2 Responses

  1. Omo.. Where that someone who dare to say that SeungGi isn’t handsome enough? are they blind? >.<
    Look at this cool handsome charming man. He's so gorgeous and manly.. XD
    But maybe I can't blame them..
    To calm myself when looking at these picture, I even have to remind myself that in first plase, I become his fan was not because of his appearance.. lol

  2. A CF within a CF within a CF…Seunggiception lol
    Only Seunggi can do such things

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