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Na PD Reveals Lee Seung Gi & Kim Hee Ae Rain Scene in Noonas Over Flowers was “Unscripted and Amazing”

Wow, so the amazing Ep 6 rain encounter scene (updated with screencaps/gifs) with Seunggi and HeeAe was NOT scripted.  It was the result of a course of events that day.  HeeAe had been sick and was feeling a bit sad, Seunggi checking in on her since early that day, torrential downpours, and genuine care and closeness between the two.  Which Na PD and Writer Lee later edited and put in subtitles and music, to make for the amazing drama scene.  I had thought the scene seemed too natural and lovely to have been totally scripted.  Na PD’s thoughts about the scene are awesome.

[Jan. 9, 2014] Na PD reveals the story behind the rain encounter between Lee Seunggi – Kim HeeAe in Noonas Over Flowers
English: LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

On January 6, Na Young Seok PD revealed the story behind the Noonas Over Flowers episode 6 scene of Lee Seunggi and Kim HeeAe’s unexpected encounter in the rain.

On the January 3rd episode of Noonas Over Flowers, we began to see that exhaustion was starting to set in during their trip to Croatia.  In particular, we found out Kim HeeAe was going through a lot due to stomach aches.  Na PD revealed why he chose to also show this side of the actresses.

Na PD said, “What we saw in episode 6 is what people typically experience when they travel.  So I didn’t think of it as a unique scenario.  Usually, variety programs tend to edit toward more enjoyable moments, however, a person can’t be excited and happy all the time.  There are times when you are happy, and there are times when you feel lonesome, and aren’t there moments when you think to yourself, what am I doing here?  I don’t think that’s uncommon.  We showed these scenes since these were definitely events that arose.”

Na PD continued to reveal the story behind the climax scene of Lee Seunggi and Kim HeeAe’s encounter in the rain.  In Noonas Over Flowers episode 6, Kim HeeAe was sightseeing on her own since she hadn’t been feeling very well.  However, later on she got caught in a torrential downpour of rain. 

At that time, worrying about Kim HeeAe, antsy Lee Seunggi decided to take his umbrella and meet Kim HeeAe.  Upon meeting, Lee Seunggi and Kim HeeAe, who had returned from a tiring mountain hike, happily hugged allowing Kim HeeAe to quickly forget her lonely day, showing her affection for him.

Regarding this, Na PD said, “Unknown to others, Kim HeeAe had been under stress, and later it started to rain while she was traveling on her own, and then she eventually met Lee Seunggi.  This was not a script that we ourselves could have written.  Seeing and experiencing that while we were filming even caught us off guard.  It made me really think, what happens between and among people is really so amazing.”

He continued, “It had been raining since the morning, and Kim HeeAe had to even see the team doctor and get medicine for her stomach.  But even still, it got worse.  When you’re feeling sick, you don’t want to laugh and joke around.  However, if you’re together, you have to still joke around since it’s a variety program.  Since she was feeling burdened by that, Kim HeeAe kept saying she would go take a walk on her own.”

Na PD said, “Kim HeeAe is the type to soothe things over on her own.  And on that day, she was walking around and ended up going to the top of the mountain.  Then, just like a lie, rain started pouring down.  It had people thinking, ‘Wow we’re in the mountains and what is this?  This Noona’s day is really going to end not so well.’  She came out because she was going through a lot, but then she got rained on and also in the mountains.  On top of that, Kim HeeAe is the type of person who feels badly about burdening others.”

He continued, “The rain was coming down so hard, walking was not an option and we had to ride a van down the mountain.  I didn’t know Lee Seunggi had come out around the same time.  But Kim HeeAe said, ‘Seunggi contacted me.’  Therefore, I quickly called the staff not with us and they said Lee Seunggi had already left with an umbrella.  I didn’t think much of it, but when we got out of the van, Lee Seunggi was standing there.”

Na PD said, “At that moment, it was really as if all her sad feelings were quickly forgotten. Although Kim HeeAe felt sorry [for worrying Seunggi and him standing in the rain], I think she was thinking, ‘Whatever. Thank you so much Seunggi-ya.’  And then to have Lee Seunggi running toward you throwing his umbrella aside,” Na PD smiled as he explained, “I was really amazed at the unfolding of such a script-less drama.” 

Na PD continued, “It was the existence of Lee Seunggi’s hand that reached out to Kim HeeAe during her moment of crisis.  As the two of them walked off together under one umbrella, it made me think this…  I thought the weather was really terrible when the downpour rain began.  However, watching from behind, Lee Seunggi and Kim HeeAe walk off together under one umbrella, it made me think the rain was so beautiful.”

Na PD concluded, “It made me think, the hearts of people can make a one-day trip end just like that of a drama.  I thought, these things happen, beyond what we had imagined, since this is a travel program and because it’s real.  Thus, it made me think we need to show viewers everything.  Honestly, we could have edited out the scenes in which Kim HeeAe was not feeling well.  Since we watch variety programs to be happy, you don’t typically see the hardships.  Therefore, the production team thought about leaving those scenes out, but ultimately, we felt it was okay to show at least this much.  It’s true that everyone went through a lot and were tried, so there was no reason to hide that.”

The final Noonas Over Flowers episode 7 aired on January 10, and a director’s cut will be revealed on January 17.

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6 Responses

  1. I really love this scene , it’s kind of different and rare site of Seunggi. How concerned of him to others … Lovely Seunggi .. Heart heart

  2. This was the most beautiful scene in NoF. Even more beautiful than all the scenic ones, because it shows a beautiful heart n a happy ending.

  3. Definitely shows the kind of caring man Seung Gi is.

  4. IMHO, compare with the rest of noonas, HeeAe noona and SeungGi has more similarities as both are caring and very sensitive person. I felt really touch how concern SeungGi with HeeAe noona wellbeing. Who won’t feel touch and love a guy who didn’t bother to run under heavy rain just to make sure that you are okay. Words can’t describe how I felt when I watched that scene, a simple big hug (as what HeeAe noona did) would be the only thing that I can do to show my gratitude towards this caring young man.

  5. “However, watching from behind, Lee Seunggi and Kim HeeAe walk off together under one umbrella, it made me think the rain was so beautiful.”
    wah~ shivers. Na PD really is in a class of his own,
    The noonas all have their own charms, I think it’s just that Hee Ae has a motherly instinct that Seunggi gravitates to.

  6. I just love Lee Seung Gi! He is one of a kind.

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