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Noonas Over Flowers’ Na PD Talks Lee Seung Gi and ‘special ability to pull in a person’s heart’

Na PD is complimenting Seunggi?!  Omg, what’s gotten into the often evil, usually cranky Na PD?!  Unfortunately, his ultimate wish for Seunggi to suffer (Na PD’s wish for all the men he works with!) and breakdown during Noonas Over Flowers didn’t pan out.  As Na PD himself admitted, “Lee Seunggi, this friend, possesses a special ability of pulling in a person’s  heart.”  Ha.  Na PD is still the ultimate fanboy!

[Jan. 9, 2014] Na PD, “Lee Seung Gi Possesses a Special Ability to Pull in People”
English: LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

Na Young Seok PD of tvN’s “Noonas Over Flowers,” who traveled with Lee Seung Gi to Croatia, talks about this special ability.

Na PD expressed that he had expected the evolution of both Lee Seojin and Lee Seunggi to some degree.  Na PD said, “I can’t say that I was completely unaware of Lee Seojin’s informal, unaffected nature or Lee Seunggi’s sincere, genuine manner.  But I wasn’t 100% convinced it would come through.  Since you only know once you start filming.  I did anticipate these characteristics to appear only a few times.”

He continued, “I did carefully look at Lee Seojin when he appeared as a guest on 1 Night 2 Days.  He was very natural and a very real character.  He’s not the type to worry about filming cameras.  He’s a person that says everything he wants to say, and acts however he wants to.  That left a deep impression on me and I thought it would be fun if he were in a 10-day project.”

Regarding Lee Seunggi, Na PD said, “Since we did 1 Night 2 Days together for a long time, I did anticipate those things from him.  I knew for certain that he wouldn’t do well.  Since this friend has such little experience [since he debuted early during high school].”  He continued, “However, since Lee Seunggi is a person that’s so sincere and works so hard, I did anticipate things would get better over time.  I anticipated up to that point, but in some way, that is similar to the inherent image of Lee Seunggi.”

Na PD added, “Detected during the trip, Lee Seunggi’s manliness was something I wasn’t really aware of prior to that.  It made me think this friend had this side to him too.  Everything didn’t come about the way I had planned.  If about half of what I expected came about, then there was equally about half of new things that came about during filming that totally surprised me.”

Lee Seunggi departed for the 9 nights and 10 days backpacking trip to Croatia, along with actresses Yoon Yeojung, Kim JaOak, Kim HeeAe, and Lee MiYeon.  It couldn’t have been easy to travel with older sunbaes, and on top of that, female sunbaes.  Having already seen the great deal of trouble Lee Seojin went through during the Grandpas Over Flowers trip, Lee Seunggi couldn’t help but to be worried for his trip.

Regarding this, Na PD said, “Lee Seunggi did worry.  He worried whether he should study hard and prepare a lot.  He asked that to me and Lee Seojin too.  And I always told him not to study.  Mainly because going on a trip shouldn’t become work.”

Na PD expressed, “We only used ‘porter’ as an expression, and we didn’t use the expression ‘guide’ either.  Essentially, a trip is something we all do together.  We mainly expected the young friends to help out in sorting out things when problems arose.  Sometimes, I even saw such comments.  How come there was such little advanced preparation.  Those kinds of preparations, Lee Seunggi does all of that too.  Whether looking through guide books or information centers.  Beyond that, our production crew did not provide any information.  And we didn’t ask Seunggi to go find out these things.”

Na PD continued, “A travel program, in order to be fun, has to deal with travel curiosity and unintended situations.  I don’t think it would be any fun if everything was all known and went according to plan.”  He concluded, “If that were the case, the actresses would not have liked it.”

Regarding the actresses’ assessment of Lee Seunggi, Na PD revealed “Later, they were all happy.”  Na PD added, “Lee Seunggi, this friend, possesses a special ability of pulling in a person’s  heart.  Should I say, what he does is lovely?  Most people tend to become dejected or think negatively when others are nagging at you, but this friend has a habit of trying to positively correct things when something is pointed out to him.  Those are things I’m certain of after spending time together with him.  The actresses who were by his side for 10 days also knew this.  Later, they all adored him.  They really doted on him.”

The final episode of Noonas Over Flowers will be broadcast on January 10, and the following week on January 17, footage from the director’s cut will be revealed.

Images: DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. How not to love him more? Yoona is one blessed gf. Cos he’ll only seek to improve himself n what more can a girl ask?

  2. Even before watching NoF. I’m sure these actress is going to love him. Look at the poster. The caution pointing out to Seunggi may change from porter into luggage, as if to show he’s just a burden on this trip. But by looking at how these Noonas staring at him, we can see how they are adoreed him.
    All the people around Seunggi always have that eyes and smile. Not only Noonas, but also the Hyungs, kids and halmeoni, Hobae and Sunbae, all his friends have that reaction that show how a lovely guy He is. :)

  3. I don’t know how, but I love this guy even more after NoF. Now I’m jealous of his gf. LOL.

    • It’s normal to be jealous. Because we all love him. I’m jealous too.. (hug.. hug)
      The point is that we’ll still support him, right? :)

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