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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 7 Cut: The Sound, Diligent Mindset of Lee Seung Gi

English translation and screencaps/gifs and full Ep 7 video…

Noonas Over Flowers Ep 7 cut
English: LSGfan, Video: TEST2010ify

Changing clothes on the sidewalk with Na PD’s protection…

Superstar Lee Seunggi~~ (yet like this!)

1st Attack~ Choding rated! (Omg, Na PD trying to expose Seunggi!)

2nd Attack~ Choding rated! (Na PD strikes again! omg they’re hilarious together!)

(ok what’s up with Seunggi’s ajusshi swimwear look?!?!  but can’t complain.)

No longer a youngster anymore…

(whoa, so NOT like Seunggi to expose himself at all!  I think he thought the cameras were really far away!  Na PD probably lied and said only a heli-cam was recording!  Seunggi is looking mighty fine.  I don’t like it when guys are way too big and ripped.)

A 10-day trip that began as luggage rather than porter.

LSG: I’m a person that only received love up to this point…  Not having heard big complaints from people…  Like a tide, I’m getting scolded like this.  And these are definitely things they can say to me since they are my sunbaes.  Upon first hearing this, I felt like, oh I could get scolded like this too…

PD:  You never thought that could happen?
LSG:  It was something I could never have imagined.
(Aw, Seunggi’s just always been super loved by his parents, family, and people around him.  Me too and I love that about him.  But good wake-up call for him.)

Studying, and studying again.

Running, and running again.

A 10-day period of continual diligence.

Yeojung:  Seunggi-ya, you went through a lot. You did a great job getting us here.

MiYeon:  He’s a person for whom you feel a lot of “jung” (special emotion) towards.  Thus, the teachers like him so much.  I feel… he was raised really well.  Ha, am I talking as if I’m so much older?!  I can tell he grew up really well…

HeeAe:  I feel like he continually works hard to have a positive mindset and knows the direction in which he needs to live.  Very sound…  and that’s not an easy thing.  For a person to be great, I think of soundness and being steady.

PD: And that’s not easy living as a 20-something entertainer?

HeeAe:  Especially for male entertainers in their 20s, there can be so many temptations, but I don’t think he’ll be like that.  Therefore, we told him to be especially careful~  That you… (laughing but serious!) even if there is reunification, you have to go do military service!

The 10 days time that changed him.
(So cool he got to swim in that gorgeous Adriatic Sea!)

He grew through his own hard work.
(Aw, last back splash ip-soo for old times sake!  Love it!)

LSG:  In 2004, it will be my 10th year since debuting.
PD:  Have you changed? 
LSG:  Of course, I changed a lot in those 10 years.  The tone in which I speak is different too.  Those interviews on MNET long time ago, I seem really dumb! 

(Flashback to 2004 on MNET!  Ha.)
LSG: I’m rookie singer Lee Seunggi who debuted with “Because You’re My Woman.”

(Flashback to winning the Rookie Award on MNET!)
LSG: Thank you so much.  I’ll work hard!

LSG: I want to do this kind of work for a long time.  I always think of being an entertainer in office worker terms.  Not in terms of trying to move up and get rich quick.  You know, how there’s a deputy, team leader, chief, president, then chairman?  My experience up to this point is like that of deputy or team leader, so if I want to do this for a long time, then I need to take it step by step.  And in that case, I need to really invest a lot… in me, what I do.

Steadily work hard.
Being true to yourself.

That is the way in which 28-year old Seunggi will achieve his dreams.

Now I want to go and sob.  How can someone be so sound and inspiring.
Seunggi makes me want to be his fan forever!

For Na PD, Writer Lee, all the crew, and everyone he’s worked with — I don’t think they realized he had already become a man.  He’ll be 28 (27 in Korean American age) on January 13, and that’s not young!  Guess it’s kind of like how our parents and older people who care about us can see us no matter what.

Hope Seunggi has a really special birthday on Jan. 13.  He deserves it.

Noonas Over Flowers, Ep 7 – Full episode
I’ve already watched this ep and the previous one 3 times!


Images: DCLSG/As labeled, Naver

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Ann,,thank you for your nice translation n writing as always. But Seunggi’s birthday is 13 January not 14. Hehehehe I think you should correct it :D

    • Thx. Already corrected. I was just so engrossed in how awesome Seunggi is… puahahaha.

      Hope he has the best birthday ever and for once, gets to do what he wants. Hope he’ll celebrate it in whatever way that will make him most happy. since he really deserves it!

  2. Hi Ann! I’ve always been a silent lurker, and just want to say a million thanks for all your hard work. Really appreciate them and please continue to do so because like you, I want to be his fan forever as well! *so long he stays this awesome :)

  3. He really is impossible not to love. Aw, he grew up when they weren’t looking. I still think for them 27 is young (maybe because I’m older than him… I still think he’s young lol), but he is a man now and not the kid they knew back on 1n2d. I love how he approaches his career. He’s totally in it for the long hall and I expect him to be around for a long long time. I know fans are going to grow old with him too.

  4. Seunggi is seriously one of a kind. People adores him for a reason It didn’t come from no where. It came from his well mannered attitude, and the respect he obviously has for his job and people. I still remember that dispatch article when they followed him to dig for a scandal but ended up watching a polite man, very respectful and very nice man. I’m very proud to be his fan. I don’t only respect his music, acting or his career wise but I respect the person Seunggi is.

  5. Seunggi is someone the longer you know him the more attractive he become.Lol,I can guess that YoonA must be falling for him after a long time cause Seunggi is just so attractive the longer you know him

  6. This might be harsh for me to say but ever since I followed Seunggi, I realize that he’s always had good fortune and like what he said, he’s been loved generally ever since his debut. If there’s one thing I can criticize about him is that he is really overprotected (but not through his own will). He probably had his hard times here and there but it’s good that through NoF he had some real trials that will helped him grow. I get now why he was so lacking in street smarts in 1n2d, it’s because he was coddled by his agency since his teens. His next step will be the army, if there is one thing good about that inevitable event is that undoubtedly he will mature through their rigorous training. Though it’s really unlikely, I’ve been thinking that if he joins the marines, (instead of being a normal foot soldier), it’ll help him grow up even more and maybe add a new and more mature perspective in his life. It will also give him an edge over the 87-ers that will likely join the army around the same time-he might be respected even more by the general public. Plus, he can come back earlier, after one and a half years instead of the usual two years for the army.

    • I got curious and look up wikipedia (where else?) and this is what it says about conscription in S. Korea:

      There are two tiers of service: active duty or non-active duty service. Length of service varies according to branches: 21 months for Army and Marine Corps, 23 months for Navy, 24 months for Air Force. The non-active duty service, e.g. civil service or public service worker, is from 24 months to 36 months.

      • ohh my bad. I fact checked and yeah it’s the same. hehe. Still..marines might mean an extra manly Seunggi lol

  7. People who praise you might be a friend, but someone who criticize and correct you when you are lacking is definitely a good friend/mentor. I hope Seunggi have more such opportunity to grow and meet more such people.
    And place more emphasis on growing instead of financial gain or popularity in his career path if he wants to go a long way.

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