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Noonas Over Flowers – Seunggi & Group Photos, Ep 6-7

Can’t believe it’s already ending… Noonas Over Flowers Ep 7, the final episode of this backpacking trip to Croatia by way of Turkey, ends today.  Fortunately, we get another broadcast next week with behind cut footage and interviews.  That should be interesting.  Hope lots of people tune in at 9:50pm today, despite tvN changing the broadcast time to whenever they feel like, like every week(!).  Love these gorgeous photos in Dubrovnik, uploaded to Noonas Over Flowers FB of our lovely Seunggi and the Noonas!  I’m gonna miss them…  Hope we get LOTS more photos!

Clean-cut preppy look~~ this is SO Seunggi……  Love it!

And Croatian-trip tunic shirt~~ whoa, this is so NOT Seunggi!  And I love it more!
Maybe we’ll see less of stuffy, buttoned up shirts after this trip!
Enjoying a beer by the Adriatic Sea…. wish I was there too.

The gorgeous emerald sea which their lodging overlooked.  Wow~
(and where Seunggi got to actually swim!)

Prior to their Dubrovnik stay……  in gorgeous Split.



Kim JaOak.

Yoon YeoJung.

Aw, I feel like their journey is JUST beginning….
Gonna miss them all.

Images: Noonas Over Flowers FB

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