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Lee Seung Gi Introduces ‘Gu Family Book’ on GTV Taiwan

Aw, I like Seunggi’s brief promo videos for GTV – Gu Family Book, which started airing on January 6.  He’s in costume so looks like he did this cut during the actual drama filming.  Seunggi’s song “Last Words” is playing on their site – I like.  And lots of still photos too.  The drama is re-titled “A 1000 Years Love” for Taiwan broadcast.  And it was “Kangchi the Beginning” in Philippines.  I guess it makes sense, now that we know the actual Gu family book was NOT very relevant.  Kangchi’s true family were Lord Park, Admiral Lee, Master Gondal, and Yeowul.

LSG: Hello GTV viewers in Taiwan. Happy to meet you. I am Lee Seunggi and I play the role of Choi Kangchi in Gu Family Book.  Gu Family Book is a different kind of drama in that it is sageuk genre and involves a unique character that is part human and part beast, which I got to act.  I hope you will show a lot of love. 

Promo 2 – Seunggi’s outfit says this was taped during his Taiwan fan meeting?

LSG: Hello GTV viewers.  A 1000 Years Love (Gu Family Book) will be broadcast here.  I hope you will show a lot of love, anticipation, and enjoy the drama. Thank you.

Drama preview

English: LSGfan; Videos: GTV八大電視 via Tryp96

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