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Lee Seung Gi for 2013 F/W Firstlook CF Making Video

English translation of the video…

[2013.01.07] Firstlook CF Making film
English: LSGfan, Video: bsh5493

This is the CF filming site for the newly launched outdoor brand, Firstlook.

(Aw, Seunggi outside in a sleeping bag?!  my 1n2d feels!!)

This is my first time doing something like this after 1n2d filming.  Without cameras following me, I really want to go at it. 

(Ha, no 1n2d cameras following him, but still Firstlook CF cameras instead.  At least he doesn’t have to worry about talking to the cameras!)

I feel fine. I’m not that cold since this is really warm.  And it’s packed with a lot of goose down.

Even though it was a really cold day, seeing that we were able to safely film up until now… must mean that Firstlook is that warm?

I, Lee Seunggi, am wearing Firstlook now. 

This brand launch is really effective.  It’s all about building trust and value for a totally new brand.  And no one better for that job!

Seunggi’s positive image effect on the revitalization and increased sales for Kolon Sport over a 3-year period was amazing.  Kolon Sport rose to the top of a very crowded industry, rivaling #1 Northface.  It’s still noted in news about outdoor brand business and economics.

A lot of people still associate Seunggi with Kolon Sport, so Firstlook was really smart to focus on Lee Seunggi = Firstlook.

Firstlook plans to branch out as it establishes itself.  And looks like they already have a full outdoor camping and accessories line in the works.

The hosts of the sale segments emphasized that the reduced prices for only Firstlook items they’re selling now – jackets – were only possible because Firstlook was in launch phase.  That come next year, expect prices to be much higher!

I kinda hope we’ll get a chance to see Seunggi in Firstlook sleeping bags……
Sometime this year on TV… maybe on a travel show…?!?!

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  1. Thanks Ann once again for coming through for us non-Korean speaking fans!

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