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KB Financial Group Renews CF Endorsement Contracts with Lee Seung Gi & Kim Yuna for 2014

Congrats to Seunggi and Yuna!  This will be Seunggi’s 6th consecutive year and Yuna’s 9th consecutive year, as CF models for KB Financial Group.  Wow.  Looking forward to seeing more from these two for KB in this new 2014 year!

[Jan. 6, 2014] KB Financial Group extends contracts of CF models Lee Seung Gi & Kim Yuna
English: Tryp96

KB Financial Group announced on January 6 that recently singer/actor Lee Seung Gi and figure skater Kim Yuna’s CF model contracts had been extended for another year.

With this contract extension, Lee Seung Gi has been active as KB Financial Group’s CF model for 6 years since 2009, and Kim Yuna 9 years since 2006.

Analysts in financial and advertising industries believe that KB Financial Group’s advertising strategy of using the same models for a long time has greatly contributed to improving its image in stability and trust, the basic principles of finance.

A KB Financial Group official explained, “Kim Yuna is preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and Lee Seung Gi has gained popularity in many different fields like music, drama, and variety, and is the #1 preferred CF model. We extended contracts because the two people have solidified their position as stars well loved by the entire nation.”

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