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[HERITORY] Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 2

Not Porter, but Luggage Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 2
[December 24, 2013]

English: LSGfan via HERITORY

Noonas Over Flowers! In the midst of ever increasing popularity, we’re traveling in romantic city Zagreb.  Shall we begin Seunggi’s trip in Zagreb?!!!

In the last episode, our Seunggi received rave reviews from the Noonas for planning lodging accommodations at such an awesome place.

However, we were seized by the scary music from the preview…
Very curious! What did our Heodang Seunggi get himself into again???
Part fear!  Part worry.

However! Our Seunggi who used to cry out “Noona, Because You’re my Woman~♪♪” may understand noonas, but perhaps not women?

It was such lovely spacious lodging, but as it only had one bathroom, it was a tumultuous night in which the noonas had to be moved to another place~

Na PD made reservations at a hostel near where the crew was lodging, meaning he chose lodging that was way too simple for our country’s top four actresses~

If it were you, would you choose the tiny lodging space with additional bathrooms or a glamorous spacious lodging with only one bathroom??  Honestly, I’d really have to think about it~^^;;

The hostel chosen by Na PD was a former factory.  It had its own unique charm.  But it was so small you couldn’t keep your suitcases in the room!

Seunggi, having spent a day leading the Noonas Over Flowers~ What could we expect the next day~?  From fear to exhaustion, the day ends~

Seunggi~ Sleep well~

The morning really came really early!!  Concerned about the traveling, Seunggi got up earlier than everyone else~

It’s the 4th day of the trip… but seeing this my heart ached.
Making my heart ache, our porter!  It’s Seunggi.
Unable to sleep because he felt burdened~

How can I endure today…

However our positive energy Seunggi spent a refreshing morning together with JaOak and HeeAe noonims~

Although he still felt burdened, adeptly taking care of the noonas, our Seunggi made for a scene that could be taken right out of a movie.

Why don’t we all experience every nook and cranny of the marketplace just like how our flower noonas did as they were escorted by Seunggi~

After escorting the noonas at the marketplace, Seunggi and the noonas enjoyed tea time in which he became a refined Seunggi with the sweet treats he prepared in advance.

Also, our Seunggi charms us once again, showing us why you just can’t help but to love Lee Seunggi~

Rescuing a red balloon that had escaped a little girls’ hands, we see not just an entertainer, but warmhearted person Seunggi~

That touching hand~ Can’t I experience that too, just once? T.T

We see the awesome person Lee Seunggi even though it’s just from the back view of him carrying groceries.

[Zagreb sights – details not translated]

That witty expression~ although Lee Seunggi is now past his early 20s, could that expression mean that there is innocence still left?!!!

This is how the main street was found!!
After successfully finding the road, Seunggi’s confident expression*^^*

But what are we to do Seunggi~ We’ll have to leave here tomorrow!!
Starting tomorrow morning, he will have to drive a 7-9 person car to Split!  Get yourself together Seunggi~ hehehe

Noonas Over Flowers episode 4 is Kim HeeAe’s seizing of the kimchi jigae.  And the first time we got to see the angry side of Na PD!  It was the chance to see the guru of negotiations and also a different side of Lee Seunggi. *^^*

It was fun to watch HeeAe noonim’s seizure of the Korean food which the Noonas Over Flowers family were starved for~  However, the reality is that no one stopped her!  Were they conscientious of her??

Seunggi~ If you quickly return, we’ll have a Korean feast waiting for you~

The Zagreb night passes in heartwarming fashion as the established veteran sunbaes share stories and advice about acting with Seunggi.

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