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Congrats to Lee Seung Gi – 2013 MBC Drama Awards and Gu Family Book’s Choi Kangchi [Fan Video]

(video: nongnum naka)

Makes me miss the drama.  I recently went back and watched a few episodes.  While some of Writer Kang’s story and character development, especially for Kangchi, got on my nerves, Seunggi did a really great job in making of us feel for his character.  And re-watching cuts of Kangchi and Yeowul… they really were undeniably loveable.  Now that it’s all over, I’ll miss our Kangdam couple.

Congrats again to Seunggi for a successful end to 2013!!
A very very very deserving one for sure!

Excited.  Nervous.  About the new drama project he decides to choose.

I hope that Seunggi, just once, be a tad bit selfish as an actor, and make helping others and the project to shine… just a wee bit secondary to his own character.

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12 Responses

  1. Kang Chi was so loveable, I wish more people acknowledged how good his acting was, instead of focusing on the flaws of the drama. He worked so hard and carried such a big burden. Honestly I could never warm up to Suzy and she did ruin it for me. Seung Gi is the only one I would endure watching her for.

  2. You know that’s not gonna happen though, Seung Gi is rather selfless, though I guess not when it comes to YoonA LOL

  3. Can we please not mention Yoona in everything Seunggi does?? Like… he’s still Seunggi, we have so much to talk about him alone rather than bringing up his personal life in everything. I love her and all, but this has seriously nothing to do with her, its sorta getting tiring for so many of us! /end rant

    Yea… hoping Seunggi focuses on shining the most in his drama (no matter how selfish that sounds). Its the last one before his enlistment so I want it to be his best, most loved and highest rated drama/character yet! I hope it isn’t asking for too much :P

    • THANK YOU!!!!

      And Revolu~ I know you’re our resident fave biggest Seunggi fanboy. And a SNSD fan. But dude, there are still activities, projects, CFs, relationships Seunggi has that does not have to involve Yoona too. :) And I don’t mean it any bad way toward Yoona. I would think Yoona fans would feel the same way for her.

      Maybe I’m just not a “shipper” fanatic kind of person in general.

      • I agree, and yes the same thing is happening over her side. It’s tiring enough seeing it in the media doing it to both their articles. i’m sure fans from both will prefer some peace. Just focus on him when in here

  4. Also, I think it would become a really sad situation if Seunggi’s projects and his relationships with other people in the industry, male and female, were hindered or hampered because everything had to be associated with Yoona. And again, same for her too.

    As an actor, there are a lot of actresses and actors, peers and sunbaes, that he still has to work with to grow. And honestly, if it’s all 24-7 linked to a commentary about his relationship with Yoona, that is NOT GOOD for his acting career.

    • Absolutely agree with this. Seunggi is still so young. He’s only 27 and has a long career ahead of him. How annoying would it be for his fans, Yoona’s fans and both actors themselves if everything they do are just randomly and irrelevantly associated with each other. It’s ridiculous! So many articles that has zero semblance with Seunggi somehow pops up when I search him in nate. It’s beyond irritating!

      Hopefully when the media calms down, things will go back to normal. Everyone’s mostly happy for seung gi but I want the focus to still remain on his work. Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved seung gi as a one-man but I’d rather the media write articles on how successful he is in his career rather than in his relationship ~ as much as we’d love for him to do great in both.

      • I strongly agree! Please everyone focus greatly on his great works and projects!! All the best and success to Seung Gi!

      • I called on this “shippy” behavior of fans from day 1 when the dating news was exposed…that’s why I don’t frequent LSG fansites as much as I used to, the comments section is always filled with people relating everything he does to Yoona. Honestly I am ok with him dating, I’ve finally accepted it but I realized that my intense dislike had nothing to do with Yoona but rather the shipper fanatics who keep on associating everything he does with her. It’s tiring. There is a soompi thread for “Yoongi” so I hope the shippers understand that not everyone feels the same way as they do and it’s better if they celebrate their happiness at that place.

  5. Wow, nice video. I miss KangChi too..
    but totally excited and impatient for the new drama. I’ll like whatever the role SeungGi decides to choose as long as it has a fresh, deep, and stong character. But because I like mistery genre, somehow I hope he can play that cop role. I really want see detective Seung Gi.. :D

    I’ll very very angry if “this news” bugging his career.. >:-(

  6. Well,, I think some fans and especially the media will continue to mention YoonA when it’s Seunggi’s news and vice versa for a while. Can’t really blame them for it since they are the new hot couple now. I do believe that it’ll die down soon because people are more interested in their works than their relationship. Well, at least I am. Sincerely hoping for the new drama to be good, and anticipating it (hopefully the writing’s good) :)

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