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Noonas Over Flowers Ep 6 Cut – Seunggi Waits in the Rain for HeeAe to Return

* Updated with Screencaps/Gifs

English translation of the cut and full Ep 6 video…

Noonas Over Flowers Ep 6 cut – Seunggi and HeeAe
English: LSGfan, Video: TEST2010ify

(Context- HeeAe had a bad stomachache;  couldn’t even eat the night before.  She spent the day walking around in a pensive manner, reflecting on this and that.  Meanwhile Seunggi had remained with JaOak teacher, and was really worried about HeeAe since it was raining so hard~ set to <Return> background music(!).  The rain gets HeeAe and the staff stranded a whiles away and are finally picked up by Na PD and crew.  In the car, she sees a text that Seunggi’s been waiting for her outside in the rain…)

KHA: Omo, Seunggi has been waiting by the street side in Riva…
Crew: For you, unni?
KHA: Really, what should we do?

(Text messages from earlier on are revealed)

3:41- LSG: HeeAe noona~~ where are you?
3:44- KHA: To the right of Haven and you?
3:44- LSG: I’ll go over there to the Riva area!!
3:46: KHA: Okay~~
3:49: LSG: Noona, I ran into JaOak teacherㅋ
3:49: LSG: The glass house before Havenㅋ
3:50- KHA: Then come over to Haven area.
3:54- LSG: JaOak teacher is shopping right now ㅠ I’m watching~~~!!
3:55- KHA: Okay~
4:13- LSG: Noona where are you~~??!
4:36- LSG: Noona are you still outside?ㅋ
4:47- LSG: HeeAe noona~ it’s raining a lot. Where are you?

It was a melancholy day filled with thoughts in her heart…
And HeeAe discovers that someone had been looking for her all day

(Cut to Seunggi running in the rain. And I’m sobbing!)

Running to find HeeAe
Seunggi runs and runs to find HeeAe

(Cut to later interview)

LSG: Through this trip, I feel like I’ve grown to like HeeAe Noona a lot. This trip was really hard for me.  When things were hard for me… HeeAe noona was a big solace for me.  So it felt as if I was going to find my woman…

(Cut back to waiting in the rain)

LSG: There’s an art museum over there. My phone isn’t working.

(Cut to scenes when HeeAe noona helped Seunggi~ At the airport.  Opening his water and being by his side during the drive.  I love her so much!)

(Cut back to waiting in the rain)

Crew: What is HeeAe’s greatest charm?
LSG: Pretty. She’s pretty (both inside and out!)

Noona, this one time…
I will reach out my hand to you first.

KHA: We need to find Seunggi. He’s waiting outside on the street.

Please come back soon…
Crew: Did plans change?

LSG: It’s raining so hard, I can’t use my phone; it’s not working.  Maybe this wasn’t meant to be…  Just not meant to be.
Right then…! HeeAe steps out of the car.

(LOL. Cue Seunggi’s  song Because You’re My Woman!)

LSG: What’s that…? Ah, Noona~!
KHA: Why did you come outside~?
LSG: Where did you go?! It’s raining so hard, so I was worried.

(Then silent effect to make it very dramatic! omg I love this!)

Worried?  You were worried about me?
For Noona! No… for You! (LOL hahahaha)

(More of Seunggi’s Noona song and big hug!  Omg, this is just SO sweet.  HeeAe is the best noona ever!  Her husband is a very lucky guy because she knows how to uplift guys in the right way!  Seeing them smile big and genuine too, despite hilarious scripted nature of this is AWESOME!)

LSG: Get rid of this umbrella! It’s broken! (Ha, LSG throws it at evil PD Na, who is laughing very happily!!)

The two closely share one umbrella together…!
KHA: You went through a lot.
LSG: It was nothing.
Crew: Did you have ulterior motives?!  (everyone cracks up!)
LSG: No no no.
KHA: No no.

As HeeAe holds tightly to Seunggi’s arm.
KHA: I should get scolded! To have him wait and get rained upon like this…

She says she should be scolded… yet she’s all the more happy right now!

KHA: Seunggi-ya, I’m cold.
LSG: You’re cold? Should I take off my jacket and give it to you, Noona~?
Crew: What do you think you’re doing…!  (LOLs)
KHA: Just turn away~! (puahahahahaha)
(Ha, then LSG wraps his arm around as HeeAe giggles. You can hear Na PD laughing!)

KHA: When would I ever get a chance to walk in the rain with our… our Seunggi… grasping his arm like this?!
LSG: I really wanted to do something for you.
Crew: We told him he didn’t have to go since the staff were with you.
KHA: Really~?
LSG: Of course.
KHA: Seunggi… because he has such a beautiful heart, he’s going to receive a lot of blessings.
LSG: Ah~ I’m already blessed right now. (Awwww~ Seunggi is the best ever!)
KHA: So, what are we going to eat for dinner? (Ha, quickly turns to food talk!)

A heart-pounding encounter…
As expected, isn’t that what travels should be about?

(Cut to interview later)

KHA: To me, he was cute and sincere… he was a well-mannered young adult.  That’s what I thought, but he also has a manliness that is very becoming of someone his age…

(Cut to Seunggi back in his room~~ Omo.)

Squeezes his socks like a man!

Reveals a manly crystallization.

Omg, I seriously thought I was watching a K-drama scene!

I love love love this cut!  and I love Ep 6!!  And I love HeeAe!  I’ve already confessed my love for how amazing she’s been to Seunggi.  All the Noonas have.  But her gentle way of doing things seems to really match Seunggi’s style.

And are we surprised that Seunggi can have amazing chemistry even with a much older HeeAe!  Although she does NOT look like she’s in her 40s!  My dad loves her and always refers to her as the “elite class actress.”

So glad Seunggi got to meet her, and all the other noonas on this trip!

Full Noonas Over Flowers – Ep 6

(Video: Nhokshockqn Plus)

Images: As labeled

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7 Responses

  1. Thank you, this is my favourite scene, love her so much for caring for our Seung Gi. And he’s awesome as always ♥

  2. Thank you! He’s seriously so so sweet. She is as well. Just love her. I rewatched the scenes half a dozen times already. :D

  3. Really ! Thanks for the subs , wow ‘Because you’re my woman’ is really nostalgic :)

  4. Thank you Ann ((hug)), I thought I’m going to die waiting for the eng sub for that part. Right after she helps our SeungGi in Turkey’s airport, HeeAe noona already stole my heart and become my most fave noona. She’s so gentle and nice and caring to SeungGi.

    With perfect attitude and caring like that, noone can’t help but to like SeungGi. It was raining hard, and rather choose to stay in his warm and dry room, he went out under the heavy rain to find HeeAe. I feel so touch with his concern towards his noona. What a perfect gentleman our SeungGi is. Really proud to be Airen.

  5. Dear Ann, thank you very much for the translation. Appreciate it very much. Seunggi is awesome as always.

  6. This scene is staged yet so genuine! When she grabbed hold of his arm and squeezed close, I could really felt how happy and relieved both were. Just wonderful!

  7. Sigh.. this man, made me speechless.. X)
    Thanks ann, how you always express your feeling into the translation, makes me enjoy reading it so much..^^

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