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Noonas Over Flowers – Seunggi & Group Photos, Eps 1-5

Episode 6 was by far my FAVE.  Mainly because we saw the confident and successful Seunggi that everyone knows and loves.  I know Writer Lee and Na PD were trying to create a story arc that was unfolding before them, but I still cringe at how they edited in all the worse-case scenarios in the early eps!  I know they’re both super close with Seunggi, but sometimes, way too comfortable…

Like the recent Ep 6, did they HAVE to edit in the parts about Seunggi’s “girlfriend,” especially considering recent news.   Seriously hope they don’t go down that road with the final few eps.  Please focus on the memorable journey and evolution of these Noonas and Seunggi, both individually as a group… their story about taking risks in life, dealing with unpredictable situations, willing to not care about public perception, learning to care for others, and experiencing the beauty of travel…

Can’t believe we only have a few more eps to go.

Like Seunggi, I feel exhausted and spent, but content and happy.

Group photos of Seunggi and the Noonas from Eps 1-5~~~

Whoa~ this group photo at the airport from Ep 1 seems SO long time ago!

And that may be a good thing, since I’m absolutely in love with the evolved and manly Seunggi we’re getting to witness in these latter eps!

Images: Noonas Over Flowers

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5 Responses

  1. Aww! Isn’t he so down to earth, humble and polite person. People are easily charmed by his personality and getting close to. When he was in 1n2d, his hyungs were real hyungs and now these noonas are real noonas. Isn’t he perfect?

    I agree about the editing. Also, I hope tvn focus more on the show and give it justice. I imagine their fails in giving a proper length of podcast time gets on people’s nervous.

  2. I think it was a nice bone to throw to fans. The rest of the episode was focused on Seung gi and his improvement with the noonas so it wasn’t like those “girlfriend” comments weren’t just thrown in, it did flow with the rest of the episode.

  3. if we didn’t know about the gf thing everyone would just take it as a joke as usual, so I dunno.. doesn’t bother me much. I do see why they edited it the way they did to start with, but I’m seriously glad they are nicer to him now. He does a wonderful job and seriously has great taste in picking places to stay!

    It IS a shame his comment got so much attention, though at least everyone was talking about the umbrella as well, that whole sequence of events leading up to meeting Hee Ae was just brilliant. Anyway, I hope he’s not regretful that his personal life got in the way of the show and removed some focus off the noonas since it’s really not his fault…

  4. @melissa yeah I agree we would probably take it as a joke but the thing is they could have edited that part before the podcast time. They should know it will headline every article.Though I don’t see why they would want to edit it tbh but only to foucs on the trip..

    have to admit I don’t see it happing deliberatly , I remember the SNSD thing was mentioned quite few times. Once with Hee Ae noona and another was the phone group as I recall. I can see some of the cast knows about his gf. So I hope they lay down a little if there is anything like that in the next 2 episodes because I imagine it will bring Seunggi again to the spotlight :( I would feel sad if he’s under pressure. Of course mostly everyone is happy but everyone is also also curious..

  5. Ann, I agree with you about the earlier eps, especially the first 2. I didn’t really enjoy them cos it was so humiliating for Seunggi. It is one thing to make him suffer physically, like in 1n2d, for food and shelter, but it’s another when a person is humiliated because he can’t do something, simply because he lacks the experience. It was so heartaching to see him try his best, but yet fumbling. It’s NOT funny! And I didn’t like how the noonas were laughing at his mistakes. Don’t take me wrong, I love the noonas – especially Hee Ae and Mi Yeon, but it was just that clip that made me upset, cos I feel that whether it is Seunggi or anyone else, it is not nice to make fun of other people’s shortcomings.
    Having said this, I am very proud of Seunggi for rising to the occasion and learning from his mistakes and not giving up! He is one of the very few people whom I admire!

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