[Miss O Diary] Lee Seung Gi Enjoys Tea Time in Croatia with Market O Brownies and the Noonas

Jan. 2, 2014 – [Miss O Diary] Lee Seung Gi Enjoys Tea Time in Croatia with Market O Real Brownie Blondie
English: LSGfan via Market O blog

Hello. This is Miss O.  These days, watching Lee Seunggi on Noonas Over Flowers just makes my day!

In the past Croatia episode, what Lee Seunggi was enjoying during tea time with the Noonas~ Do you know what it is?  It was the Market O Real Brownie Blondie! So sensible, Lee Seunggi really knows a Noona’s heart.

Sitting at the terrace having tea time with the Noonas, Lee Seunggi knew what dessert would go perfectly and sweetly with the coffee that had just come out.  The Market O Real Brownie Blondie.

Having prepared tasty treats that would go great with coffee, aren’t these the kinds of small things that women are touched by?  The Noonas were also unending in their praise for Seunggi’s thoughtfulness.

Here’s the cut from Ep 4 of Noonas Over Flowers.

Lee Seunggi, once again showing his sensibility of what makes women happy!  Don’t you think we could always date happily if we could find a man like Seunggi, who knows the heart of women so well?

Seriously, not sure if we could’ve gotten such a high quality Noonas Over Flowers production were it not for the backing and sponsorship from Seunggi’s CF companies!  Well, we’d still have the talented Writer Lee and Na PD… relishing in making things difficult for Seunggi!  Ha, just like old-school 1n2d days!

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