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2013 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won Catch Up During Photo Time [Fancams]

(video: seungsun love)

@0:10~ Seunggi takes care of Suzy.  Yup, that’s why he’s that awesome and such a pro.  I’m sure both of them knew the Excellence category was more fitting for her award, but he supported all the way.  Even gets her attention to wave goodbye, since he had to leave soon after.  She’s really lucky to have worked with him.

@1:35~ Seunggi – Jiwon make eye contact and catch up at center stage, joking with Jiwon’s usual pushing ways!  Ha.  It’s like they’re in their own world.  Love them!  And they’re such pros!  I was so waiting for one of them to make a TK2H reference during the awards show or start joking around, but both stuck to making the night about their respective dramas.  So glad he’ll remember TK2H as the turning point in his acting career.  Hope they can maintain their friendship.  Cute @3:04~ He even jabs at her!

FANCAM 2 – Slightly different version~

(video: coffee166)

FANCAM 3 – Like this close-up version!

(video: sh Reine)

FANCAM 4 – Seunggi waves goodbye to Airens… and Suzy follows behind him. LOLs. Despite some crazy WTF aspects of the awards show, Suzy took Seunggi’s leading well and glad that the Kangchi-Yeowul Kangdam couple was so loved.  I’ll miss them.

(video: LSG TH)

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7 Responses

  1. Can you imagine how different our thoughts and comments would be if we hadn’t found out the news? We’d all be shipping ha Ji Won our Suzy LOL

    Thanx for the videos and commentary btw, i always find them funny

  2. Like what shin min ah said before he takes good care of his co actors and people around him I’m just so proud of him and I love him that no matter what I will support him till the end :)

  3. I know right?! b/c I was thinking all sorts of things during the awards show! esp when Seunggi and Jiwon got to catch up!

    But that’s why Seunggi is the REAL DEAL and so mature and I totally look up to him. And respect Jiwon and past partners like Minah, Hyojoo and Chaewon too. They understand when you have to be professional.

    Also, Seunggi always treats everyone with such sweetness. That’s why in the past, some girls said it was hard to tell if Seunggi like them or not, b/c he treated EVERYONE so nice.

    I saw a clip of Yoona at the KBS Drama Awards interview part during Best Couple award part — and I thought she was really mature and articulate too.

    • I remember there was a clip about her saying something during the KBS awards in one of the Seung Gi/YoonA news clips, I wonder what she was talking about that made them put it in there?

    • Before the news broke out, I noticed how giddy he was around Ha Ji Won, and I’m usually objective about these things. I am not shipping them, but it was funny to see how he actually went out of his way to talk to her. And regarding Suzy, their interactions were pretty cute too, and I’m saying this with an objective frame of mind.That’s why I was super surprised that he was already involved. I guess he’s just a really friendly guy.
      There are a lot of fans and new” shippers” from both fandoms that are going insane with happiness at the news. I fear that from now on, every Seunggi news will be bombarded with “shippy” comments that relate everything he does with Yoona. I’ve seen it all too many times, in different fandoms—I hope that the couple shippers understand that there are people (like myself) who don’t feel the same way as they do.

      • I think he’s like that with a lot of people. With HJW he’s really close and treats her like his noona, so the mutual admiration is very obvious. I also think he looks at Suzy like a younger sister, thus the protective oppa attitude which is adorable.

        As for Seunggi-Yoona shippers, I don’t mind such comments because at the end of the day, they can say what they want, and no one is forced to feel the same way. Unless they insult Seunggi, I’m fine with them, because whether or not they are as loyal as Airens, they are still fans who’ll support him. Seunggi may have lost some fans because of his dating news, but also gained some – same for Yoona. So for some who prefers not to have everything he does related to his GF (and that also includes me, I admit), should just ignore such comments. Because we can all co-exist in the same thread without butting heads. Its better to maintain peace within the fandoms because I have a feeling this is pretty long-term.

  4. Hi, I am Sulthanah form Indonesia. It is my first comment here. Thanks for writing about LSG and HJW. I am their shipper since TK2H. Thanks you.

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