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[ENG] 2013 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi wins Top Excellence Award for Gu Family Book

Dec 20, 2013.  MBC Drama Awards.  English translation of Seunggi’s speech…

2013 MBC Drama Awards – Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: MBCentertainment

Presenter: The winner of the 2013 MBC Top Excellence Actor Award for Miniseries is Gu Family Book’s Lee Seunggi. Congratulations.

HJH: In his role as Choi Kangchi in Gu Family Book, Lee Seunggi showed varied charms through action, melo, comedic acting and received a lot of love.

LSG: Thank you.  It’s almost my 10th year being at awards shows, yet whenever I’m here, I don’t know why I can’t think straight. First off, thank you so much. I don’t think I thanked the fans earlier on when I won the Popularity Award and Best Couple Award, so thank you so much. 

Through this project, I once again realized that a drama is not just individual effort, but it’s about team play. I’ve always felt, not only just me, that the staff are very precious to me. 

For drawing Lee Seunggi and writing with her heart for this project, I want to say thank you once again to one of the best writers, Writer Kang.

And because all the actors on site were not at ease around him as he is quite charismatic, not the easiest Shin Woo Chul PD… Yet for me, filming was always enjoyable and I worked hard because it was such a great time. Saying sageuk is too hard, that he wouldn’t film a sageuk again… he’s currently in China directing a sageuk.  (LOL) 

Always stay healthy and I hope there will be an opportunity to work with PD and Writer again next time.

And also here today, our Suzy, more so than at the beginning, really growing step by step through her skills and helping to carry the drama to the end, I want to say thank you to Suzy. (Aw~ Suzy.  Seunggi is SO thoughtful and humble. huhu. Crowd applauds. She’s very lucky to have worked with him). 

Lastly, next year, it will be my 10th year.  Walking this path for 10 years, the paths I need to take… whether it be drama, singing, variety.  Not just as entertainer Lee Seunggi, but helping to direct the paths toward being an awesome man, I want to give this award honor to my mentor and master teacher, our Hook Entertainment’s President Kwon,  And I want to say that I want to go forward together for a long long time.

And lastly to our staff who went through a lot during filming. I was on an unnecessary diet and always carrying meat, so thank you to our manager Hankook for cooking my meat in a fry pan each time (LOL). Thanks to them all. And to the viewers who loved our Gu Family Book, thank you again. Thank you. I’ll work hard.

Congrats Seunggi~~~~!!!!!
for the totally deserving Top Excellence Award Actor win!
for making the cast and drama shine through your leadership and direction!
for being the consummate considerate, humble pro!

SO anticipating Seunggi’s next project all the more!

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13 Responses

  1. aww he is soo humble! and witty! and this one is a really heartwarming speech :) He could pass as speech class teacher as his speeches are very good!

  2. hwaa.. Seunggi so wittty.. can’t get enough of him..
    Conggrats SeungGi-aa..
    Thanks for nice translation..
    if I may to be more greedy, I wish you also can translate Cut while SG MCing.. especially when they interviewing the nominatee before best couple award announcement..
    it looked so hilarious..

  3. I really don’t know how many more ways I can fall in love with this man. Anticipating his next drama so I can fall even deeper. Congrats Seung Gi-ya!

  4. Considering he previously mentioned that he (only) expected to win the couple award, his acceptance speech in here surpisingly very good, touching, and thoughtfully. I would blabbering non-sense talk if I were in his shoes.
    For me, this award is very precious one as the acknowledgement of SeungGi as an actor. His acting quality has leaped beyond expectation in the past years.
    Congrats SeungGi-ya. Airens so proud of you!!!

    PS: dear Ann, thank you for the translates that you did in all his acceptance speech. Thank you for did a quick translation last night via twitter too (((hugs)))

  5. Hi Ann.
    Wanted to ask you a question. It might seem weird. Was absolutely so happy with lee seung gi winning all the awards he did. I slightly follow neitzenbuzz and I don’t get wat their problem is with him.
    The always translating negative comments about lee seung gi.
    The reaction can’t be that bad with lee seung gi winning right?

    • They’re so angry because Suzy winning the Top Excellent Award so when Seung Gi also won this awards, they’re pissed off all. Korean netizens are still like that, they’ve never accepted that a singer could win an acting awards over an actor. LOL!

      • Not true. They’re not mad at Seunggi for winning Top Excellence Award. He was nominated for this category last year, and he was again this year. And he deserved to win out of the 3 nominees for Miniseries.

        They’re annoyed by 3 things — 1) that Suzy was nominated in the Top Excellence Award category (Excellence Award, they could’ve lived with), especially considering that senior more experience and better actors were nominated in the Excellence Category. 2) that they actually gave her the award over the other actresses in her category, especially considering that one was past Daesang winner, Go Hyunjung. 3) that she exhibited very erratic and unprofessional manner both in stance and speech, especially considering that there were veteran actors/actresses in front of her.

        Drama Awards show is not the same as Gayo Daejun show – we’re talking about serious established actors/actresses who do this as this as their main craft. There’s a certain level of expected decorum.

        And as expected by everyone, the reaction to Suzy being nominated, winning was bad. What’s making it doubly worse is her erratic behavior which came off as flippant and disrespectful. I’m sure she was nervous, and not purposely trying to be that way. But if you want to play with the big boys, then you have to come fully prepared to stand on equal footing. You can see even with the child actresses, there’s a professionalism there.

        Sadly, Seunggi, who did a great job MCing as written by the press and won 3 awards — that’s all been shadowed by this situation. And since Suzy won in the same category as Seunggi, he’s easy to bring into this mess. Had MBC and JYPE chose to nominate her for the Excellence Award category, the reaction would not be bad like this. It’s really sad, because once AGAIN, Seunggi totally went out of his way to compliment Suzy publicly and be considerate of her. And the Kangchi-Yeowul couple got lots of love.

        But Seunggi is the consummate professional. He doesn’t say much. Stays quiet and lets his actions and behavior speak for itself. His agency never does feeds the press with headline stories to control the press (sometimes, to their detriment), while JYPE feeds the press every other day about the smallest things (as do most of the other K-agencies; unlike Hook). I’m pissed, as are many fans, because Seunggi busted his ass to lead this drama and actually help Suzy to act better in the drama… and this is the thanks he gets.

        But the reaction to Seunggi isn’t bad; it’s just easy to target him too since Suzy was in the drama with him. But this will pass. Even if Seunggi may not be the IN or HOT thing of the moment (Like you can’t be the IT thing for 10 years!), people respect him and what he says and does. And his hard work and sense of responsibility as an actor, singer, and MC are known by everyone.

  6. Netizens are always angry over something, but I gotta admit I feel bad for Suzy. I’m not a fan of hers but it seems like she didn’t want to win the award too. It’s gotta be hard to be that young and have a lot of haters. MBC screwed her! I wonder what Seunggi thinks of this too. I observe that he’s become a bit protective over Suzy (not in a romantic sort of way, but more of big brotherly type), it’s not far off since at one point in the past he was in the exact same shoes as Suzy (in terms of being so young and so pressured).

    • Seunggi is totally considerate with ALL his female actress partners. But unfortunately, with his other partners, they were similar in age or older so they were there for one another. In the case of Suzy, it’s like Seunggi is always having to help her through things. He has a BIG heart and so considerate of others. That’s just his nature. It would be good if she recognizes that; she should be utterly grateful to him for that.

  7. Even the reaction to Ha Jiwon winning Daesang is not good. They’re saying, how can you only be 15 or so episodes into a 50 ep drama, and give someone the Daesang for that. All the channels are bad with the award nominees, but MBC seems to always do something just a bit more stupid. I pray to God Seunggi does not do a drama there again.

    • Totally second this. Even though MBC is the one who brought us TK2H, I’m so done with their awards management style. I wonder why he doesn’t do dramas in KBS though. And yeah, he’s an easier target for haters to hate since he’s Suzy’s co-star and maybe people thought just because he won, she had to win too? Ah well. I really hope the SBS drama next year works. Thanks for the translation! Happy New Year! ^^

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