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[ENG] 2013 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi wins Male Popularity Award… with Ha Ji Won

Dec 20, 2013.  MBC Drama Awards.  English translation of Seunggi’s speech…

2013 MBC Drama Awards – Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: MBCentertainment

YJ: Let’s meet the nominees again, before we reveal the winner.
MH: There are 5 nominees each for Male and Female Popularity Awards.  Who will be the winner this year?
YJ: 2013 Popularity Award goes to… Male Popularity Award is Lee Seunggi.
MH: Female Popularity Award is Ha Jiwon.

(omfg~ TK2H King and Queen~ are we back to 2012?!)

HJH: Male Popularity Award winner Lee Seunggi, through his role in Gu Family Book’s Choi Kangchi, showcased his various charms and received a lot of love. And Ha Jiwon, now gets the Popularity Award in addition to her recent PD Award. She’s already a double-crown winner. 

(whoa~ SO meta! Jaeha-Hangah on stage together?!)

LSG: Thank you so much.  Actually, I was hoping to win the Best Couple Award, so I was shocked to receive the Popularity Award. (LOLs)  It was a very happy past year because everyone showed so much love for Gu Family Book’s Choi Kangchi. Thank you again to everyone who voted, and for loving Gu Family Book’s Choi Kangchi and Dam Yeowul couple, and loving all the actors.  (Aw, always remembering to thank the others! You’re the best!) Next year, I’ll meet you with better acting and continued deeper growth.  Thank you.

Congrats to our Seunggi~~~~!!!!

Airens~~~~ jjang~~!!!!!!

Seunggi so shocked he forgot to thank Airens! hahaha.

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2 Responses

  1. is it mean that SeungGi think he only going to win 1 award? so it is a wonderful surprise for him then that he got 3 awards to bring home last night.
    when the screen revealed SeungGi and HaJiWon pictures side by side last night, I screamed “omg TK2H” huahahaaa … Both deserved to win last year and this year too^^

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