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[ENG] 2013 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy win Best Couple Award for Gu Family Book

Dec 20, 2013.  MBC Drama Awards.  English translation of their speeches…

2013 MBC Drama Awards – Seunggi-Suzy cut
English: LSGfan, Video: MBCentertainment

YJ: Let’s see the nominees for Best Couple Award again.
MH: There are 8 couples, but who will be the winner?
YJ: 2013 Best Couple Award winner is…
MH: Gu Family Book’s Lee Seunggi – Bae Suzy couple. Congratulations!

(Aw love the hug from Minho for his Seunggi hyung!)

Suzy: Thank you so much for this Best Couple Award, such a big award. (cute how she looked back at Seunggi before she mentioned him. Aw~)  I’m able to win this award because Lee Seunggi Oppa was so considerate to me… that’s why. (Ha Seunggi chuckles in the background, which makes suzy bust out laughing.) I don’t know what to say… Thank you so much for loving Kangchi-Yeowul couple, and I’ll work harder from hereon. Thank you.

Seunggi: Thank you again to the many viewers and netizens who showed so much love for Kangchi-Yeowul couple. And for helping to create a sweet romance step by step, stronger than from the start, I want to also say thank you to our Suzy. We both had a lot of shyness, but to the extent we didn’t even feel shy, I also want to say think you to our charismatic Shin Woo Chul PD for directing us. And thank you also to Writer Kang for drawing out brilliant lines for us. Thank you. (Aw~ Seunggi is truly the best! So sweet to flash THAT smile to Suzy afterward.)

Congrats to our Kangdam couple~~!!!

Still NOT OVER no modern day episode of Kangchi-Yeowul together at the final end!  But this makes up for it!  Congrats to Seunggi and Suzy and all the fans for voting!

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann once again for the eng subs! What will I do without you?

  2. Thanks so much for the translations Ann

  3. Lol at Suzy being super awkward with her speech. She looks so pretty with the headband though. I LOLed when Seunggi chuckled behind her. Wish Suzy was more comfortable with him like HJW was. When together, it seemed like those two (seunggi and jiwon) were leads in a current drama. So close and natural. I love uri Seungzy as well though, so good to see them all together on stage. They are the meat of all MBC drama award headlines right now!

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