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KBS World has Uploaded [ENG-sub] Original 1n2d Episode

(video: KBSworld)

Dec. 28.  KBS World Youtube uploaded its first ENG-subbed original 1n2d episode.  They’re calling it Ep 1, but it’s more like Ep 47 if you count the non-English subbed episodes prior to that.  This is also Seunggi’s 9th 1n2d trip since first appearing in Nov. 2007.  Still holding out for KBS World to upload the raw Korean-only episodes too, since the ENG ones are shortened.  (Probably not going to happen! huhu).

Yay!!! Raw Korean broadcast episodes uploaded at Jaewja’s Vimeo

I’ll be posting the 1n2d ep uploads at the tab up top:  1N2D: ENG-subbed Episodes

1N2D Ep 47 – Geochang, South Gyeongsang
KBS World broadcast [2008.04.06]
– Experience in harvesting strawberries
– Seunggi’s <I’ll Give you Everything> MV is shown at the end!
* Kim C isn’t in this episode because his father had passed away.

Here’s the intro of Seunggi’s first day on 1n2d~~  Nov. 2007~ 6 years ago!!!

1N2D Ep 27 – Pyeongchang, Gangwondo
KBS broadcast [2007.11.11]
– Seunggi’s first episode as 1N2D cast member

(video: 1N2Dfansubs via koolilaura)

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8 Responses

  1. I thought they uploaded raw long ago on KBSEntertain, thought they are split into parts, his first ep

  2. http://kengsub.com/2-days-1-night/1

    all of them starting from ep 1 with english sub

  3. Wow! really?????!!!!

  4. may i know if Jaewja uploade raw video..is softsub for that video available?? so where i can get for softsub??
    thank u before..^^

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