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Lee Seung Gi gets LOTS of love at Psy’s concert [Photos]

Photos.  Dec. 22, 2013.  Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul.  Psy’s concert series.  Seunggi as surprise special guest.  Love the continuous K-blog posts about Psy’s concert this day… because how others react, (not those who are hardcore fans!), says SO much!  Like the video clips, the blog posts have been so “kyaaa~” at Seunggi surprise appearance singing <Return>, saying the response was SO loud!  And this is for someone singing a ballad song!  Seriously, the least positive one (if you can even call it that) said~ “When Lee Seunggi appeared, the crowd went crazy. I don’t know why everyone’s crazy over him.”  LOL.  These pics are awesome~!!

Psy is the epitome of a performance artist in Korea!
Awesome that THIS was the “Kpop star” to break into the US market!

For the amazingly disciplined and hard-working Seunggi (I need to be more diligent!), all in a day’s work!  Such a pro.  Not even mentioning how he had just landed in Korea a few hours beforehand, returning from his Shanghai fan meet. #Respect

Images: K-blogs, As labeled

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