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[ENG] 2013 MBC Drama Awards preview

2013 MBC Drama Awards preview~~~  And it features a cameo from King Lee Jae Ha.  Ha.  And the TK2H King & Queen at the final center.  MBC probably making up for not awarding the deserving TK2H for last year.  Video and English translation…

2013 MBC Drama Awards preview
English: LSGfan, Video: MBCentertainment

Torn apart
Stepped on

Consecutive suffering

For all of you who were passionate this past year
Enjoy the final festival of 2013

2013 MBC Drama Awards.
2013 December 30, Monday, 8:50pm

So excited… but this is MBC, so I’m just gonna have to wait it out.

Congrats again to Actor Lee Seunggi for being recognized in his role as Choi Kangchi through Gu Family Book (and Lee Jaeha through The King 2 Hearts!)

Looking forward to seeing him MC the awards show with the lovely Han Jihye!

Images: LSGfan

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4 Responses

  1. Love that SG and HJW are in the middle of the bunch. Expecting loads of great things from MBC, and going even as far as SG getting the Daesang (maybe in a tie with HJW?). The media has been abuzz about Seung Gi’s potential nomination and victory in that, so I’m going to be more positive than expected just because haha.

    Realistically, hope he gets the Top excellence, and popularity awards. He was so great as Kang Chi so he deserves everything and more. SBS is broadcasting their drama awards live this year on youtube or something. Anyone know if that’s also the case with MBC? I’ve never really followed MBC awards before. If not, I’m alternate-live streaming this. So excited, don’t let us down MBC!

  2. Don’t disappoint me MBC! I don’t expect a daesang for him, probably go to one of the weekend drama actors will get that. Even for Ha Jiwon I think she can win next year since Empress Ki is going to go on for so long so I don’t think she’ll win it either…. but top actor for his category should definitely happen. Not only is he deserving, but GFB was one of their few bright spots this year on the schedule.

    I do want him to win the popularity awards too, but those are pretty secondary to me. I’d be sort of surprised if he didn’t end the night with a handful of awards. :D

  3. Honestly I don’t expect much from MBC but I love King Lee Jae-ha’s cameo! lol

  4. He won’t go and MC the show if he ain’t getting anything. MBC is biased to higher ratings drama and this year GFB was one of their best drama in terms of ratings. Seriously I doubt he will go there to receive popularity or best couple award. I’m positive he will win an acting award. Most probably Top Excellence award, but MBC will be seriously dump if they gave him anything less!

    Yeah! Lee Jae Ha cameo is the best thing in that video :) Biggest mistake MBC ever did was last year!

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