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KBS World to upload original 1 Night 2 Days on Youtube! Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥

* Update: KBS World uploaded videos posted at 1N2D: ENG-subbed Episodes

O.M.G.  Everyone LIKE the best-news-post-ever over at KBS World facebook.  (And can someone please inform the Admin to spell Seunggi’s name correctly?! They’ve been ENG-subbing his name for only 5 years!)  Our fave 6 guys again~ Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥  And Sanggeun-ee!  And all the PDs and Crew!  And all the gorgeous lovely places in Korea!  Although KBS World versions leave some parts out or have weird English translation… but can’t complain at all!  Whoa~~ Santa is gifting early this year!  Seriously, it’s about time…

And I’m SO glad it’s going to be uploaded on KBS Official Youtube vs. airing on KBS World!  Does this mean we get to watch again and again, whenever, wherever?!  I’m so excited *squeal*  Actually, can’t believe KBS is doing this, especially with the show in other variations still broadcasting on TV.  Probably realized they could make lots of online advertising money off of it!  Anyway, it’s about time, because we know how much money the original 1N2D made for KBS!  Either way, I’m SO thankful~~!!!

Omg Seunggi was like a baby when he first appeared on 1n2d in Nov 2008 2007~~
(but yet, still very much the same exact guy… just 5 6 years older now!)

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13 Responses

  1. I just found out about it today via lsgairenint!! Tomorrow it’s my birthday and this one of the best gift!! Thanks KBS World!! I hope they upload it from episode 27 or I will have to wait like 20 episodes!!

  2. super excited! thanks alot!!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Turn Of Events and commented:
    I am jumping and screaming at the same time!!!! (by the way it is early morning here in UAE!)

  4. Great news! But you mean Nov. 2007, right? :)

    • Yup, you’re right! :) Made the edit!
      I was so excited, I couldn’t even count!
      I wonder if they’ll start this wed- Christmas!
      Can’t wait to hear more details!!!

  5. Such a great news for us who adore SeungGi and his hyungs in 1N2D. Thanks Ann for sharing the great news ^^

  6. ha, I am actually watching tonight up to 165 as I type


  7. I am at episode 120, started watching from episode 27 like 1 month ago, slowly savouring the 1n2d that I love all over again. Miss these guys lots!!

  8. Omg…now iI csn get all the episode in hd or maybe similiar in quality..I hv all the episodes in my h.disk. for my enjoyment only of coz. But the picture quality was so..meh..but now..tq kbs world!

  9. Omg!!!..i just open your site and i read this great great news..i’m so happy right now,i almost scream in the middle of the night..oh my! How i really really miss them..1n2d season 1 forever!!..thank you kbsw..

  10. Thank you so much LSGfan. It’s now available though they started Ep. 1 dated as 2008.04.06 but I’m still ecstatic\^v^)/ that I can watch it @ YouTube.

  11. Here’s the first epi uploaded on KBSworld youtube!!

  12. Why don’t you mention Kim Jong Min? did you forget about KJM ? or don’t you like him?

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