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[HERITORY] Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 1

This is nice~~  HERITORY campaign sketch featuring their “muse” Lee Seunggi~~

Not Porter, but Luggage Lee Seung Gi – Noonas Over Flowers story
[December 9, 2013]

English: LSGfan via HERITORY

HERITORY  will share with you the Noonas Over Flowers trip sketch in which the true charms of HERITORY’s muse, Lee Seunggi, can be seen.

Our porter Lee Seunggi meticulously checks his dictionary and prepares diligently.  The industrious sincerity of upstanding, model young adult Seunggi shows through?!

This is Seunggi always turning around to check in on the the flower noonas~

Looking at this makes us smile, and slightly nervous *^^*

Sightseeing in Turkey begins~

There is no other place like the museum to understand the country’s history and traditions!  Arriving at the location!  The Hagia Sophia museum.

[Information about Hagia Sophia not included/translated here]

While our Seunggi took care of the Flower Noonas, we could sense his pure awe at the surroundings.  However, afterward, Seunggi’s suffering begins.  We can’t leave out “The Curse of the Top” highlight from Noonas Over Flowers episode 2.

Could this be the innocence of a boy just playing around?  Introducing Seunggi to this, making him run around~~ A spinning top!!

As this spinning top came into Seunggi’s hands, he lost the Flower Noonas and got the roads mixed up, earning his real heodang Seunggi name. 

After hearing the scolding from the Flower Noonas, the time in Turkey slowly comes to an end~~ In the morning~ what was tightly hidden~ is now gleaming and clothed in gold.

Seoul’s night view is so lovely, but this really felt like a different kind of view. 

What could our Seunggi be thinking about as he gazed at the city’s gleaming gold rays?*^^*  Although a short moment, it most likely transformed a very long stressful day into loveliness?

Being considerate of the Flower Noonas’ sleeping accommodation and taking on the duty of porter through the end, Seunggi who gave it his all, also heads into dream land.

Find us again next time as we share tidbits from the Noonas Over Flowers trip in Croatia.

Images: HERITORY, As labeled

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