[ENG] Lee Seung Gi – Performance and Talk at Psy’s concert

Return + Talk time

Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul.  Psy’s concert series.  Special Guest for Dec. 22, 2013 concert~~ Seunggi surprised audience goers (especially the females!) and got lots of love, first appearing on stage singing recent hit song <Return>…

@4:00~ Seunggi talk time
(basically, Seunggi working the awesome crowd! Ha)

LSG: Thank you. Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi (As if anyone there didn’t know who he was!) Really, there’s a lot of people who came here.  I’m happy to greet all of you at Psy sunbaenim’s concert. I also had a concert here at the same place one month ago, but wow, I’ve never used standing audience space. As most of you know, my songs are not really fit for that (LOL).

To have so many people standing here up front, I feel that my ballad song may be a little awkward?  (Everyone: No!)  No?  Backstage in the dressing room, I heard all of you singing along so enthusiastically, I wondered whether my first song <Return> would be okay.   So what do you think, was it okay? (Everyone: Yes!)

I came here to show you all a very different side as Psy sunbaenim preps for a very cool second half of the concert. We’re all here for live, right?  I’m not really into going with what’s planned either.  (Ha, everyone so excited! Everyone SO wants to see Seunggi go all crazy, just once, even if it’s just acting or performing! Probably not going to happen!)

Texting back and forth with Psy hyung-nim before the concert, we came up with a bunch of song lists. Actually, most people will invite guests to perform at their concert, but it’s the first time I’ve seen coercing from a sunbaenim to sing certain songs. (LOL. Psy probably wanted Seunggi to sing all the songs he wrote for him!) We talked about it, and most importantly, Psy hyung-nim felt the precious audience goers here would be exhausted, so he asked me to sing relaxing ballads only. But I don’t think that’s the case, right?  (Everyone: No!) You seem invigorated. Are you worn out? (Everyone: No!)  If you’re tired, then I’ll just go back to the original plan. (Everyone: No!)

Is everyone worn out? (Everyone: No!) Then for the next song, how about we turn it up slightly and keep it as a secret from Psy hyung-nim? (Everyone: Yes!)  Everyone show a lot of energy as this is a rock song and most of you have probably heard it before.  So everyone follow along and enjoy.  Are you ready?  (Everyone: Yes!)  Are you all ready?!  (Everyone: Yes!)

Smile Boy

LSG: Here we go~ Smile Boy!

(omg thank you for singing THIS song instead of THAT other one! Crowd loves seeing other side of ballad Seunggi! He sounds awesome and is feeding energy off the awesome audience!)

Talk time + Because You’re My Woman (encore song)

(Seunggi heads off the stage as if that’s the end! Everyone: Encore!)

LSG: Thank you. (So cute, Seunggi cracking up at Encore shouts!) Did you all ask for an encore?! (Everyone: Yes!) Doing an encore at another person’s concert doesn’t seem right! (Everyone: It’s ok! Encore! Encore!)  Okay, then.  We would’ve been in trouble if I sang another ballad, right?!

You all are really as passionate as Psy hyung-nim, and I’m happy to sing in front of such an energetic audience. Please enjoy the rest of the concert and next year… come to my concert too!  Hahaha  (Everyone: Yes!)  Anticipate the rest of Psy sunbaenim’s awesome concert, and I’ll sing one last song.  This last song is a song through which Psy hyung-nim and I first met.  When I first Psy hyung-nim back then, he was still a bachelor and now he’s become a family man.  This was a song he wrote for me about 10 years ago.  I’ll sing~ Because You’re My Woman.

Solo veteran singers Lee Juck and Kim Bum Soo also sang a total of 3 songs including an encore song on Day 1 and Day 2.  The female roars definitely showing lots of love for Seunggi.  The special guests for the two Christmas eve concerts have been press released as G-dragon and Taeyang.  As expected, YG artists as special guests closing out Psy’s concert series.  Psy really treating his female concert goers with the special guests!

UPDATE – Reading all the K-blog posts about Psy’s concert… the response to Seunggi’s surprise appearance was seriously amazing! You can tell by the fancams.  They were it felt like Seunggi’s own concert during his guest segment!  And that he got SO much love and screaming when he appeared.  Aw.  For Kim Bum Soo, he said if you guys give a great response, I’ll sing a 3rd song…  But for Seunggi, the crowd yelled Encore! Encore! after he finished his 2nd song!  Aw.  (Seriously hope Hook hires learns to promote Seunggi’s music activities more broadly in an effective way)

English: LSGfan, Videos: seungsun love

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5 Responses

  1. I do not really care for PSY, but I really appreciate the love his fans showed for our Seung Gi.

    • I’m not a big fan of Psy’s music but he is the epitome of a performance artist. He definitely knows how to put on a kick-ass live show! Yeah, and the crowd response was A-mazing! Just read all the K-blog posts following Psy’s 22nd concert, and they all say how the audience response when Seunggi appeared was CRAZ-y. Lots of love for our guy.

  2. So Seung Gish appearing at psy’s concert…and I wouldn’t agree less in Hook Entertainment promoting Seung Gi’s activities more aggresively and actively…and more broadly and effectively.

  3. Looking at the vid, there is no words to describe how proud I am that our SeungGi succeded in captivating the audience, it is indeed feel like his own concert especially during the time he sang Smile Boy. I feel so happy how heart warming Psy’s fans to SeungGi. The way they interact with SeungGi and they sang a long with him make me feel that they extended their love not only to Psy but to SeungGi too

  4. Dear Ann, thanks for the translation…. I can’t help but grinning when I read the sentence…. “next year… come to my concert too!” :D :D

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