KBS World to upload original 1 Night 2 Days on Youtube! Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥

* Update: KBS World uploaded videos posted at 1N2D: ENG-subbed Episodes

O.M.G.  Everyone LIKE the best-news-post-ever over at KBS World facebook.  (And can someone please inform the Admin to spell Seunggi’s name correctly?! They’ve been ENG-subbing his name for only 5 years!)  Our fave 6 guys again~ Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥  And Sanggeun-ee!  And all the PDs and Crew!  And all the gorgeous lovely places in Korea!  Although KBS World versions leave some parts out or have weird English translation… but can’t complain at all!  Whoa~~ Santa is gifting early this year!  Seriously, it’s about time…

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[HERITORY] Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 1

This is nice~~  HERITORY campaign sketch featuring their “muse” Lee Seunggi~~

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 4 – Preview

[Dramabeans Recap] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 3.
English translation of the preview…

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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi – Performance and Talk at Psy’s concert

Return + Talk time

Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul.  Psy’s concert series.  Special Guest for Dec. 22, 2013 concert~~ Seunggi surprised audience goers (especially the females!) and got lots of love, first appearing on stage singing recent hit song <Return>…

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