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Lee Seung Gi’s awesome fan service upon leaving Psy’s concert venue [Fancam]

(video sh Reine)

Omg this may be one of my top fave fancams! Everything about it is STUNNING~!!  Especially our beautiful Seunggi, who’s just so darn lovely inside and out! He landed in Korea just a few hours beforehand, from the Shanghai fan meeting.  Had to head to Psy’s concert soon after to perform as special guest.  YET check out his awesome fan service as he leaves the venue!  And the amazing sh Reine’s fancam music and lyrics are perfect too – On My Way Home (Missing You) by 100% V.  Watching this fancam, and music/lyrics got me all… huhu…  Not sure why really.  Seunggi is love…

100% V – On my Way Home (Missing You)
Lyrics excerpt

I’m on my way home but I can’t go home
I’m on my way home but I suddenly remember you
I’m on my way home but I can’t settle down my heart, what do I do?
Now I can’t ever see you again

I don’t know why I’m the only one hurting
I really don’t know, what do I do now?

English lyrics: popgasa

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  1. Hi! :) whats the title of the background music of this video ? :) please do reply for my comment :) ♥

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