Lee Seung Gi appears as special guest performer at Psy’s concert [Video]

(video: SportsSeoul) – Press cut from the Dec 22nd concert.

@1:15~ <Return>
@1:50~ “Hello I’m Lee Seunggi (Ha, as if anyone there didn’t know that!).  I’m so happy to greet all of you here at Psy sunbaenim’s concert.”
@2:00~ <Because You’re My Woman> (Aw, no clip of Smile Boy performance? There was so much energy during that song!)

Seunggi sang 3 songs total — Great song list!

  1. <Return> One of the top hit K-pop songs of the past year.
  2. <Smile Boy> Unofficial Korean anthem for the 2010 World Cup.
  3. <Because You’re My Woman> For the encore.  His debut song, written by Psy.  Official Korean ‘Noona’ song forever and ever!  He laughed, saying it was kinda awkward to do an encore at someone else’s concert!

Seunggi’s talk-time in between the 3 songs was fun — how Psy wanted him to sing only ballads because it would calm down a worn out audience!  And also sweet — how 10 years ago, Seunggi met Psy as a bachelor and now he’s a family man.  Aw~

According to the press, after Seunggi finished, Psy came out for the second half of the concert and said~

“Seunggi sings so well, right?  I especially like that last song he sang!  That is an unbelievable song.  Even though about 10 years have passed since that song first came out, to see so many people still singing along to that ballad!  Hehehe.  I wonder who wrote that song?!”

I’ll post the rest of Seunggi’s ment soon…  Hope better fancams surface.

Even before Psy hit the big time in the US and globally, his live performances and concerts were legendary in Korea.  Hilarious and super energetic.

Psy is holding 5 concerts in Seoul, at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, the same place Seunggi held his concerts.  The special guests have been top-notch singers!

  • Dec 20 – Lee Juck
  • Dec 21 – Kim Bum Soo
  • Dec 22 – Seunggi
  • Dec 24 – he’s holding 2 concerts back to back.  Special guest TBA.  I’m assuming it’s going to be YG artists?

The blogposts following the concert were fun to read.  You know, the usual… how Seunggi is even better looking in person, that photos don’t do justice!  That he sings so well.  He’s just all-around beloved by everyone!

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