[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 3 cut – Seunggi’s notes

English translation of the cut…

Notes seen in Seunggi’s back pocket as he unloads the suitcases…

The next night…

NaPD: Seunggi, why are your notes so funny?!  What is this?! (omg evil Na PD looking through Seunggi’s detailed notebook and teasing him!)

The soul of a student’s sincere notes that had Na PD cracking up.

LSG: There were 4 options when we arrived at Zagreb airport~ Bus plus tram,  just taxi, bus plus tram plus taxi, bus plus taxi.

Considering all options and even noting the costs to get to their sleeping accommodation!

LSG: While traveling to Croatia from Turkey, I wrote a lot in my notebook! I strained a neck muscle taking notes…

YYJ: He was reviewing stuff so diligently. He was looking over things so much in the plane…

What Yeojung saw in the plane was probably Seunggi writing his notes…

Later, these notes would accompany Seunggi’s route.

LSG: Since I don’t know the terms, I’m also adding in the Croatian since it’ll be too hard to flip through the book…

PD: How about the pronunciation?

LSG: I can show them my notes.

He already knew bus tickets were purchased here, but asked just to check.

This man was able to quickly help after seeing Ban Jelačić written.

He clearly knew tickets were on the 2nd floor and was able to move quickly.

He knew to take Tram 6, but asked just so he wouldn’t make a mistake.

Not wanting to make the same mistake, things moved a little slowly, but…

All the options and plans were already in Seunggi’s head.

Experience from his first situation and hard work helped him do a good job.

English: LSGfan, Video: TheChtvN

Impossible not to totally respect and admire Seunggi~~!!!

Images: Naver blog

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