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Lee Seung Gi & The SeeYa’s Song Min Kyung – Perfume MV [Screencaps + GIFs]

I didn’t even know who The SeeYa and Song Min Kyung were prior to this MV.  She’s the same age as Seunggi.  Well, technically, she’s older by 8 days.  But it’s only been an year since her debut.  In the BTS video for the MV, she said it was “an honor to work with Lee Seunggi sunbaenim.”  She seems sweet.  Still wish we got more interaction between these 2 characters, but the MV’s cool and it’s a nice song.

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Market O Real Cheese Chip CF – Cute Lee Seung Gi [Gifs]

Always talking to and showing way too much love(!) for the thing he’s endorsing.

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Market O Real Brownie Blondie CF – Cute Lee Seung Gi [Gifs]

Seunggi’s expressions for Market O are so… adorably pitiful.  (The older noonas have such strong personalities!)  That is, until he takes a bite of these yummy treats!

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 3 cut – Seunggi’s notes

English translation of the cut…

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