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[Miss O Diary] Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Market O’ CF is revealed for Noonas Over Flowers

Noonas Over Flowers Lee Seunggi Market O CF is revealed!
November. 29, 2013.

English: LSGfan via Real Story Miss O’s Diary

Hello. This is Miss O.
These days, most happy in Noonas Over Flowers, Lee Seunggi♥ 
The very person who makes all noonas become like girls,
Lee Seunggi has becomes the new model for Market O Real Cheese Chip and Real Brownie Blondie.

Busy traveling on his backpacking trip, this is Lee Seunggi’s Real Brownie Blondie and Real Chip story!  Let’s watch together~

<Market O Noonas Over Flowers story CF>

Lee Seunggi, suffering from the Flower Noonas even in the CF…

What could the Noonas have asked Seunggi to go and find?

[Concerns. Worry. Anxiety. Annoyed.  Exhausted. Hard.]

“Seunggi-ya, you haven’t found it yet?!”

Seunggi suffering from the the feisty Noonas…
Just look at that poor face.
My heart earnestly wants to find it for him instead! ㅠㅠ

What could smoothly melt the hearts of the feisty Noonas?!

The answer is exactly the Market O Real Brownie Blondie made of 100% real white chocolate chunks and filled with toasted vanilla!

Market O really knows the hearts of women!

Can our Seunggi capture the Noonas’ hearts with Real Brownie Blondie?

The recent Noonas Over Flowers Lee Seunggi Real Cheese Chip story gets at the reality and realness of this variety program, and you can see his exhaustion ㅠㅠ

If there was a magic genie lamp for Aladdin, then for Market O Real Cheese Chip, there’s Potato Ajusshi!  Potato Ajusshi suddenly steps out in 3D to give exhausted Lee Seunggi an answer

“Seunggi-ya~ these days, if it’s not real, who would eat it~”

Like that of Real Cheese Chip, made of 100% Denmark Camembert and cheddar cheese, this is a world where no one’s interested unless it’s real~

Crunch!  Eating the Real Cheese Chips in one bite with toughness is going to make the Noonas swoon again hehe

Once you get to know him, he’s a manly guy!!

“This is what a cheese chip is~”

Is that a real cheese chip in his hand?  Or did I mistake this scene to be him signaling hearts to me…?

Like that of the real series, entirely different from the chips and sweets  you have eaten until now, anticipate Lee Seunggi’s realness that will be shown on Noonas Over Flowers with us.

I’m really happy Noonas Over Flowers has been so popular.
But I really hope that things get better for Seunggi!!!

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