[Miss O Diary] Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Market O’ CF is revealed for Noonas Over Flowers

Noonas Over Flowers Lee Seunggi Market O CF is revealed!
November. 29, 2013.

English: LSGfan via Real Story Miss O’s Diary

Hello. This is Miss O.
These days, most happy in Noonas Over Flowers, Lee Seunggi♥ 
The very person who makes all noonas become like girls,
Lee Seunggi has becomes the new model for Market O Real Cheese Chip and Real Brownie Blondie.

Busy traveling on his backpacking trip, this is Lee Seunggi’s Real Brownie Blondie and Real Chip story!  Let’s watch together~

<Market O Noonas Over Flowers story CF>

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Lee Seung Gi recently performed at Cartier company party

Dec. 16, 2013.  Photo posted at DCLSG.  Originally from a blog with the title “Cartier Party.”  Blogger said Seunggi was the invited performer this year and wrote~ “Lee Seunggi sings so well and although I was never that interested in him… he was definitely very charming.”  Must have been super swank holiday party.  Check out those branded champagne bottles.  Seunggi definitely loves his Cartier timepieces.  And I love him in Cartier accessories.  Hope more photos surface.

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Producer Na Young Seok talks true reality programs, and relationship with Lee Seung Gi [Razor TV Singapore]

December 6, 2013.  Na PD (38) was in Singapore for the ASIA Television Forum, and he did an interview with Razor TV.  The video clip is subbed in English, but some parts or nuances of what Na PD said weren’t included, so here’s the English translation.  It’s really mind-boggling to think how much younger Seunggi is than all the people he works with!  I think everyone forgets since he’s such such a professional about things and people always entrust him with a lot of responsibility.

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