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Lee Seung Gi for 2013 Firstlook CF making and interview

Brand launches are never easy, especially in a very crowded market.  But when you’ve got an established track record over several years, brand trust and sincerity takes on a whole new meaning!  I like how Seunggi does CFs for both established companies and totally new brands.  Mwave – Lee Seung Gi Sells Out Winter Jackets.

Firstlook advertisement – Making Film and Interview

LSG: Lee Seunggi’s first trip begins. Your first outdoor.  Firstlook.

MCs: Last time… in 10 minutes!  We were sold out in 10 minutes.

LSG: Firstlook is… causing excitement in Korea’s outdoor market.
We are preparing for the brand launch.  The concept is… Refined/Polished?

It’s hot. Really warm.  It’s November and yet I’m sweating this much.
Should go to the North Pole!

(Whoa~ what’s up with the hands @1:57?!)

Feels as if you’ll never have an issue with staying warm.
Just wearing a cotton t-shirt underneath seems to be sufficient.
When your hands are cold…
More than anything, I think these side pockets are necessary.
I suggested the idea that it would be great if it had this type of style.

In a lot of ways, this is similar to other brands, but the price is shocking.
It’s like maybe half the price?
It’s a truly sensible price for a padded jacket showcased in our country.

There is something that remains, right?

Lee Seunggi wears Firstlook

It came out pretty!

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Model Choi Ara (20) is cute… like these cute photos posted on her page a while back.
She kinda gives me a Kang Sora vibe, and I love that girl!

Images: Naver

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  1. Wowzers! Can’t believe she’s only 20!! Or maybe seung gi just looks so much younger than his age. They definitely look like university students to me; just a lot more pretty involved lol. So glad first look is doing so well in Korea. It’s been everywhere in the news lately. I wonder it’s available internationally…

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