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[ENG] Crayon Pop’s SoYul is a cute fangirl taking photo with Lee Seung Gi at MAMA 2013

(Image: DCcrayonpop)

Crayon Pop’s maknae, Soyul, in cute fangirl mode backstage at MAMA 2013, waiting outside Seunggi’s dressing room to take a photo together~~  Video and English translation of the super short, but very sweet cut…

Crayon Pop’s Soyul takes photo with Lee Seunggi at MAMA 2013
[December 14, 2013] MBC Good People
English: LSGfan, Video: Hey Day

(Click to @15:22 ~ 16:15)

Reporter: But during this hectic time [at MAMA 2013], Soyul is excitedly jumping in front of someone’s dressing room.  Active these days as porter, she is a fan of Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi.  Although it’s an embarrassing moment, a photo is forever.  Finally, our Soyul’s wish has come true?

(Aw, her sincere fangirling back in her dressing room is just too cute!)

Manager: Wow, you guys have that big of a height difference!
Soyul: [looking at the photo] Can you see my nervous excitement?!

Geummee: His face is so small! (Koreans so obsessed with small face!)

Soyul: I was so nervous…
Reporter: You wanted to take a photo with Lee Seunggi that much?

Soyul: Yes.

Soyul: [Lee Seunggi] is a sunbaenim I respect. I’ve bought all his CDs.
Reporter: Really?
Soyul: Yes, of course.  Even my mom likes him.  (Ha, but of course!)

Aw, the way she’s like so matter-of-fact admiring Seunggi is too cute!
He seriously has that kind of amazing effect on people of all types and ages!

Few more photos of our awesome handsome MAMA 2013 Host~~~

Images: As labeled, Twitter

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