[ENG] Crayon Pop’s SoYul is a cute fangirl taking photo with Lee Seung Gi at MAMA 2013

(Image: DCcrayonpop)

Crayon Pop’s maknae, Soyul, in cute fangirl mode backstage at MAMA 2013, waiting outside Seunggi’s dressing room to take a photo together~~  Video and English translation of the super short, but very sweet cut…

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“Tears Perfume” MV Teaser 2 starring Lee Seung Gi – K.Will & Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung

(video: LOENENT)

So now we know who the “?” joining K.Will on the song is… Noel’s Jeon Woosung.  Have to admit, drama OST powerhouse voices K.Will + Noel are going to be pretty awesome.  And with actor Seunggi starring for the first time in someone else’s MV, yup, it’s going to be that much more amazing!  It’ll be kinda weird to see Seunggi in an MV in which he’s not singing, but I don’t think I can imagine his voice in a duet with a guy…  I prefer him paired with female vocals.  Didn’t realize Seunggi (27) is like 6 years younger than K.Will (33) and Jeon Woosung (34).  I don’t recognize the girl in the MV, but she better not totally mess with our main character’s heart!  So excited for full MV on Tuesday, December 17.

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Lee Seung Gi 2013 Guangzhou, China fan meet promo pics

China Airens deserve LOTS of credit *applause* for putting up with ALL the changes and delays!  So at a loss for how Hook manages things.  Or more like, lack thereof!  Yes, it’s NOT all their fault, but not effectively communicating with fans, and then assuming fans and newbies will change their schedules (again) for a fan meeting date finalized like a month beforehand… *sigh*  At least the China fan meet promo shots are the lovely ones from Thailand fan meet promo~~ Yes!  (but his hair very different now~ hehe).  Wonder what today’s Guangzhou fan meet will be like…

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Lee Seung Gi for 2013 Firstlook CF making and interview

Brand launches are never easy, especially in a very crowded market.  But when you’ve got an established track record over several years, brand trust and sincerity takes on a whole new meaning!  I like how Seunggi does CFs for both established companies and totally new brands.  Mwave – Lee Seung Gi Sells Out Winter Jackets.

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HERITORY for Noonas over Flowers – Lee Seung Gi, a new story begins…

2013 HERITORY together with Noonas over Flowers, with Lee Seung Gi

Hundreds of years ago in the city.
And many years afterward with Sunbaes…
Lee Seunggi.  A new story begins.
Heritage and Story.
HERITORY is together with Noonas over Flowers.

English: LSGfan, Video: HERITORY

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