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“Tears Perfume” MV Teaser starring Lee Seung Gi, from K.Will and Duble Sidekick

♪♫ Your scent that made me sad… ♪♫

English: LSGfan, Video: LOENENT

Can’t wait till Dec 17!  SO missed THIS Seunggi!!!  Chic, hot and stylish.  See, this is the power of GOOD fashion/style choices, Cody!  Too bad he filmed this MV long time ago  huhu.  Gorgeous Kangchi locks, styled in modern-day Kangchi, walking through supposed NYC’s financial district…. This MV makes me crazy happy fangirl!  Just hope he’s not responsible for all the surrounding stuffs lit up in flames!  And why the flowers and totally dazed look?  Can we have just one MV where I’m not all heart-broken because his character doesn’t get the girl or he’s getting beat up?!

[Video] Lee Seung Gi and K.Will Help Duble Sidekick with New Album
Source: Mwave

Foreshadowing a sad song to come, K.Will released a music video teaser for Tears Perfume, starring Lee Seung Gi.

On December 13, K.Will unveiled the teaser video, in which Lee Seung Gi waited in the snow, carrying his umbrella and a bouquet of flowers. The peace in the teaser was quickly broken as people started frantically run, creating curiosity on the story of the music video.

This is Lee Seung Gi’s first time appearing in another singer’s music video.

Although K.Will sings the song, Tears Perfume will be included in Duble Sidekick’s fourth project album, which will be released on December 17. The teaser hinted that K.Will will be singing with another artist, who has not yet been revealed.

LeeSsang, The Seeya′s Eugene, Kim Tae Woo, and Mikey have participated in Duble Sidekick′s project albums before.

Allkpop – K.Will sings and Lee Seung Gi acts in MV teaser for Duble Sidekick’s project single ‘Perfume’

Soompi – Lee Seung Gi Joins K.Will for Double Sidekick’s Fourth Project “TearsPerfume,” Teaser A Released

Surprised Seunggi’s participating in someone else’s MV.  But I guess he and K.Will have the drama OST connection.  Or it’s more about him working with Duble Sidekick on “Last Words” for Gu Family Book.  Tweet from back in May…

@onewaychance 27 May

이단옆차기 x 이승기 “마지막 그 한마디” 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다!! #구가의서 화이팅!! pic.twitter.com/SBiYfZvXNU

Duble Sidekick x Lee Seunggi. Please show a lot of love for “Last Words”!!! #GuFamilyBook fighting!!

Don’t know why but I love uhm-chin-ah Seunggi like this with kinda opposite hyungs.  Makes me miss one of my fave bromances, Seunggi-Mong…

Images: Twitter

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3 Responses

  1. SO excited for this! Its a collab between K.Will and someone so keeping everything crossed that its SG. But if it were, wouldn’t they have just announced it, or maybe thats the point. Apparently, media circuits have been saying SG is starring, so most likely not him. But I choose to delude myself and believe he’ll be singing lol. Also… anyone knows that the released lyrics mean? I know its only a line, but very curious as the song is called ‘perfume’. Its an unusual name, no?

    • ♪♫ Your scent that made me sad…♪♫
      “Hyang-gi” can mean perfume or scent.
      Me too~~~ very excited for Dec 17!

  2. i hope this can be ost from his new drawa with hyo joo

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