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Lee Seung Gi attends VIP movie screening of ‘The Attorney’

December 11. “The Attorney” VIP screening. Surprised Seunggi attended since he doesn’t usually do these kinds of events.  Jaekang from The King 2 Hearts (Lee Sung Min) and fanboy ZEA’s Im Siwan are both in the movie, starring actor extraordinaire Song Kang Ho.  I was such a happy fangirl to see Seunggi in this perfect coat!!  Burberry Bonded Cashmere Topcoat – $4,195.  Stuffy button down shirt and brown belt~ meh.  But love the sweater and leather sneakers!

[Fancam] – Seunggi’s expressions are love~~!!

(video: 남상미)

[Fancam] – Love her fancams with BGM.

(video: sh Reine)

Some more press photos and fan pics~~

Not really digging the choice of putting on these glasses later on…
More than that, can’t believe that gorgeous coat is just draped on his arm.

Whenever Seunggi wears Burberry, I’m a happy fangirl…
except when someone decides to over-kill on the Burberry hearts……
Who’s idea was it to pair the shirt AND sweater together?!  Cody?!?!
Totally a different feel when worn separately.  Together…. why oh why?

$2,195 – Burberry Double Wool Heart Sweater

$595 – Burberry Heart Print Cotton Shirt

Images: As labeled

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