“Tears Perfume” MV Teaser starring Lee Seung Gi [GIFs]

Seriously can. not. wait. until the full MV release on December 17!  I can’t stop crazy fangirling over this freaking awesome MV teaser!  Whoever styled Seunggi’s hair and fashion, and created the MV concept… please call Hook and give her tips on how to prep, promote, and manage in today’s industry (that is, if she’ll listen!)  Actor Lee  Seunggi in this type of character for his next project please!  GIFs and captures~~~

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“Tears Perfume” MV Teaser starring Lee Seung Gi, from K.Will and Duble Sidekick

♪♫ Your scent that made me sad… ♪♫

English: LSGfan, Video: LOENENT

Can’t wait till Dec 17!  SO missed THIS Seunggi!!!  Chic, hot and stylish.  See, this is the power of GOOD fashion/style choices, Cody!  Too bad he filmed this MV long time ago  huhu.  Gorgeous Kangchi locks, styled in modern-day Kangchi, walking through supposed NYC’s financial district…. This MV makes me crazy happy fangirl!  Just hope he’s not responsible for all the surrounding stuffs lit up in flames!  And why the flowers and totally dazed look?  Can we have just one MV where I’m not all heart-broken because his character doesn’t get the girl or he’s getting beat up?!

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Lee Seung Gi attends VIP movie screening of ‘The Attorney’

December 11. “The Attorney” VIP screening. Surprised Seunggi attended since he doesn’t usually do these kinds of events.  Jaekang from The King 2 Hearts (Lee Sung Min) and fanboy ZEA’s Im Siwan are both in the movie, starring actor extraordinaire Song Kang Ho.  I was such a happy fangirl to see Seunggi in this perfect coat!!  Burberry Bonded Cashmere Topcoat – $4,195.  Stuffy button down shirt and brown belt~ meh.  But love the sweater and leather sneakers!

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