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Firstlook ‘Lee Seung Gi Jacket’ sale launch on CJ Mall with Celeb Stylist for ‘Noonas Over Flowers’

Firstlook sale launch on CJ Mall [December 1, 2013]
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG TH

The freezing cold weather… your winter awakens now.
Your first outdoor meant for your enjoyment… Firstlook.
Enjoy the winter. First outdoor chosen by Lee Seunggi.
Perfect style, premium outdoor.
For winter. For you. Your first outdoor. Firstlook.

MC: The jacket seen on Noonas over Flowers. Worn by Lee Seunggi. Airport fashion. And Noonas over Flowers, despite being a cable broadcast, was #1 in TV viewership ratings – over 10%!

JYK: For Noonas Over Flowers, I was in charge of the style for Lee Seunggi, Kim HeeAe, and Lee Miyeon. And today, as soon as Lee Seunggi’s concert finished, I saw Lee Seunggi, Kim HeeAe, and Lee MiYeon, and even in the dressing room, Lee Seunggi was wearing Firstlook. The way he wears it… I briefly tried on the jacket since it was slightly cold in the Olympic Park Gymnastics stadium, and it was so warm.

MC: You won’t want to take it off.

JYK: You won’t take it off. So the Noonas over Flowers fashion, and earlier we saw on Running Man, the jacket worn by Lee Seunggi and the other celebs. We’ll show you that jacket right here at the Firstlook center. This is that Lee Seunggi’s jacket.
MC: I’m searching it now.

MC: We’ll show you the jacket in more detail so you can choose… the Firstlook color Lee Seunggi prefers most is black. In this Firstlook CF, Lee Seunggi is wearing the blue color jacket.

MC: He looks so cool.
JYK: When Lee Seunggi filmed that CF he wasn’t cold at all. He said to me that he so wasn’t cold.

[The buzzed about Noonas over Flowers Seunggi jacket!]
[Korea’s first launch is revealed]

MC: It has a 3-way heating system. Heavy Siberian goose-down. The jacket for purchase is revealed here for the first time.

Celeb Stylist Jung Yoon Ki is a regular commentator on the Korean style shows and fashion circuit.  Chummy with lots of celebs, I think he’s worked with Seunggi several times.  I’m not familiar with his overall style preferences, but it appears he was in charge of the style for Seunggi and the 2 younger Noonas. It makes sense…

I thought HeeAe and MiYeon were looking quite stylish in that fashionable but subtle hipster way.  And as for Seunggi………….

Maybe this explains why I’m totally loving how he’s been styled (mostly in tailor-fit HERITORY without tops tucked in!) on Noonas Over Flowers so far?!?!

Thank you Cody for staying home in Korea!!!

Together a few months ago at the Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague event….

And back in 2010 at the D.Lux fashion show which was MC’d by Jung Yoon Ki.

Images: Previously posted/Credited

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