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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 2 cut – Night out in Turkey

English translation of the cut…

Noonas over Flowers, Ep 2 cut
English: LSGfan, Video: minjun joo

[An Istanbul evening is found without fail]
[Flower noonas finish getting ready for the night tour]
MY: Teacher, you don’t a thicker jacket?

[However unable to get one token, this Porter… what’s he to do…]
LSG: Wah, you know this one isn’t my fault, right?!

[Caught right in the middle of rush hour, transit hell!!]

LSG: Over there is the…
[Arriving at the center of the Golden Horn!]
NPD: Turn around and look behind you…
[Different from what they saw during the day, Istanbul’s golden lights]

[With the jewel-like Istanbul backdrop~ a group photo!]

[While out and about, a restaurant dinner brings major satisfaction!]
HA: This is tasty!

(Love hearing Seunggi laugh out loud like this!)

LSG: To the first night (everyone raises their glasses for the toast!)

[Wrapping up a long day with a glass of wine]
(Really love the way HeeAe unni looks supportingly at Seunggi!)

[They safely return back to their hotel]

Wish they edited in more footage from their dinner conversation and the food they were eating…  but I guess when you’re trying to make ‘luggage rather than porter’ a key storyline, there’s only so much you can show in a given episode…

Istanbul, Turkey is really gorgeous.

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  1. Love their photo together <3

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