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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 2 cut – Kim HeeAe and Lee MiYeon attend Seunggi’s concert

English translation of the cut…

Noonas over Flowers, Ep 2 cut
English: LSGfan, Video: minjun joo

HeeAe: Where are you having your December concert?
Seunggi: In Seoul, at the Olympic Gymnastics stadium
HeeAe: Your own solo concert?
Seunggi: Yes.
HeeAe: Wow.
Seunggi: If you have time, please come.
HeeAe: Okay. Us girls generation will be in full force!
(Aw, and she does the fighting arm swing making Seunggi laugh)

[After the trip, attending Lee Seunggi’s solo concert]

[HeeAe, MiYeon greeted happily by Seunggi’s fans, more than Seunggi!]

[Upon coming out of the Hagia Sophia Museum]…
HeeAe & Seunggi: Teachers, check out the bright sun-rays~~

Aw, love HeeAe here.  Showing support for Seunggi (along with Miyeon too).
Well-known to be elegant and graceful, her subtle ways of being a great support has already been buzzed about, saying she’s an ideal wife and woman that supports guys.  Her husband is definitely a very lucky guy!

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