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Noonas over Flowers posters and group photos in Turkey

Love this relaxed vibe from the official Noonas over Flowers posters from a few weeks ago.  Hope we get to see THIS sooner rather than later.  Based on Seunggi as “luggage” rather than “porter” scribble on the poster, I guess this will be a dominant storyline.  Hope they show us more context to what’s going on.  I like how they’re sort of doing that through the interviews in-between the footage.  But, it’s all about how they decide to do the editing, so hope Na PD brings us some more “good moments” too.

I liked the cut from their dinner out in Istanbul, all laughing and enjoying their meal.  Here they are taking a group photo that night.

Wish they showed more of this @1:01 toward the end of Ep 2 (NoF youtube).

The way HeeAe looked at Seunggi with such understanding and supportive eyes — after he toasted cheers to the first night — I wanted to give her a big hug!

Hope to see more sunny times like this…………

And definitely, less of this kind of ominous fare…………!!  haha.

Images: Noonas over Flowers facebook

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