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MAMA 2013 – Lee Seung Gi on stage, and out and about

November 22, 2013. MAMA in Hong Kong. Some photos of Seunggi captured at the awards show, backstage, and out and about… looking hot in a very nice shirt!

Trendy fashion site/mag 1stLook got some great BTS shots of stars at the show.
Great candid shot of Seunggi quickly passing by…..

2 very different “firstlook” brands… but at least they’re spelled differently.
Great to see Hyori back on the scene… And SNSD girls looking good.

Backstage~ elegant and luxe all tuxed up, alongside Lee Seojin.

AND I absolutely love love love Seunggi in THIS shirt!!!!  very niiiice.

Loved it so much, I couldn’t help but to cover the girl’s face…
It had nothing to do with her, so no offense to her.  Really.
I even chose a pretty pearlmint graphic shape for her.

Will we ever get to see THIS awesome shirt again~~??? Huh, Cody~~?!?!?!

Images: As labeled, Hook, MNET

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2 Responses

  1. The girl who you have absolutely no interest about is a fan from Taiwan, a rich, pretty (me thinks), semi-celebrity herself. She said it took a lot of courage to approach SG and he’s so nice!

    Love that shirt! Though some said hanger marks should have been taken care of. I am not that picky.

    • yeah noticed the hanger marks but I was just SO in GLEE about the hot shirt and the absence of a weirdly knotted and draped scarfy thing!

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