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  1. thanks, this the best video I have seen. I agree I am ready for a mature,sexy Seung gi project no more young roles and co stars.

  2. I really hope she’s in both Daegu and Busan because heavens me – they are so hot together. If only Bora was an established actress (or even somewhat established would do lol) then I’d be rallying for her as seung gi’s lead actress in his next drama. At least I know the chemistry would be sizzling and amazing!

    His concert is on Christmas Eve though, so maybe not? I hope she is cz I can’t wait for fancams lol. Thanks for all the videos, I think I’ve seen about 8 already and I’m still not tired of it haha. I NEED this seung gi in his melodrama! Intense, sexy and hot seung gi is gonna be epic!

    • It’s unlikely that she’ll be in the other concerts, but who knows? Keeping my fingers crossed too, I’m wondering if Bora has the same kind of chemistry with other guys as she did with Seunggi.

  3. Hello, Annyeong! I just want to ask if there’s any uploads of full concert of LSG? The recent one? If any please give some links. Thanks. :)

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