Lee Seung Gi feat. Sistar’s Bora – Hot performance at 2013 Hope Concert [Photos]

Lee Seung Gi 2013 Hope Concert.  Seoul.  Still not over this performance of sexy Seunggi feat. Sistar’s Bora!  The choreography…. SO hot.  And with Seunggi singing re-arranged version of Gone Not Around Any Longer is seriously…. asdlfkjasdfkj!  And he looks so hot in that outfit!  But why SO close and all touchy?!?!  *sobs*

And I can’t even NOT like Bora, since she was awesome bringing out the best in Seunggi, not just focused on her part.  I just hope they didn’t have to practice THAT much!!  Must remember — this is ONLY acting.  All these photos… *sobs* but can’t help but to love this!  And love to see this side of Seunggi… that is, acting-wise.

o.m.g. I’m gonna need a moment.  huhuhu.

I guess it was sorta a reunion of sorts~~~~ From years back………
Bora luring MC Seunggi out for a similar sexy dance on Strong Heart…
omg Seunggi’s expression is too cute!

Definitely like sexy Seunggi in the recent concert version more!
Please someone makes GIFs of the Seunggi-Bora performance.
Based on Seunggi’s daebak acting and expressions, he was totally feeling it!
And I’m okay with that. He IS a guy after all.  Ha.
Saranghae~~~ Seunggi.

Images: As labeled, Twitter, Tryp96, LSG Thailand

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4 Responses

  1. Seunggi’s a practice fiend so there must have been considerable hours spent preparing for this performance, lols..but maybe he used another girl as a stand in for Bora during those times? haha is that a good thing or bad thing? XD
    Can’t hate Bora too. Watched some episodes of Invincible Youth and recent Running Man- and unlike her overall ‘sexy’ persona she seems like a tomboyish kid in reality, doesn’t act flirty or seductive at all.

  2. can I find the that cut of oppa-bora in strong heart?

  3. Lee seung oppa fighting

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