Lee Seung Gi & Sistar’s Bora – 2013 Hope Concert Fancams

omg Seunggi is killing me!! Dancing so smooth…. And and his voice…!!!

(video: shih patty)

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Noonas over Flowers posters and group photos in Turkey

Love this relaxed vibe from the official Noonas over Flowers posters from a few weeks ago.  Hope we get to see THIS sooner rather than later.  Based on Seunggi as “luggage” rather than “porter” scribble on the poster, I guess this will be a dominant storyline.  Hope they show us more context to what’s going on.  I like how they’re sort of doing that through the interviews in-between the footage.  But, it’s all about how they decide to do the editing, so hope Na PD brings us some more “good moments” too.

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[Style] Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 – Seunggi in Tom Ford

Looking great in these Tom Ford shades.
And all the better, together with the HERITORY knit top.

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Lee Seung Gi feat. Sistar’s Bora – Hot performance at 2013 Hope Concert [Photos]

Lee Seung Gi 2013 Hope Concert.  Seoul.  Still not over this performance of sexy Seunggi feat. Sistar’s Bora!  The choreography…. SO hot.  And with Seunggi singing re-arranged version of Gone Not Around Any Longer is seriously…. asdlfkjasdfkj!  And he looks so hot in that outfit!  But why SO close and all touchy?!?!  *sobs*

And I can’t even NOT like Bora, since she was awesome bringing out the best in Seunggi, not just focused on her part.  I just hope they didn’t have to practice THAT much!!  Must remember — this is ONLY acting.  All these photos… *sobs* but can’t help but to love this!  And love to see this side of Seunggi… that is, acting-wise.

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MAMA 2013 – Lee Seung Gi on stage, and out and about

November 22, 2013. MAMA in Hong Kong. Some photos of Seunggi captured at the awards show, backstage, and out and about… looking hot in a very nice shirt!

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[Style] Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 – Seunggi for HERITORY

“Backpacking Trip 2~ Noonas over Flowers with HERITORY”  I was SO happy to see Seunggi in this fitted HERITORY knit top for his first outfit change after arriving in Istanbul, Turkey!  HERITORY, as one of the key sponsors for Noonas over Flowers, is definitely getting a bang for their buck… through their endorsement model!

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