Lee Seung Gi 2013 Hope Concert [Review by AnnMichelle]

Thanks to AnnMichelle for writing up a fan account for this blog… for a third straight year!!  And thanks to Tryp96 and all the other amazing international and Korean fans for sharing awesome photos and tweets from the concert.  Hope Seunggi knows how much he’s loved by international Airens!  And admired by Kpop fans, in general.

Congrats to Seunggi for another successful 2-day solo concert in Seoul, at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1~!!  Showcasing another new and fresh side as musician and entertainer.  I’m amazed at how he fit concert prep in, you know, with all the other filming activities and traveling he was doing~~!!  Including a stressful trip abroad with the Noonas!  Haha.  So happy that the 2 younger noonas, actresses Kim HeeAe and Lee MiYeon, were at the concert! Noonas over Flowers~~ Fighting!!  Awaiting the redemption of Seunggi toward the latter eps!

Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013 – Fan Account
Written by AnnMichelle
(Images compiled by LSGfan via Tryp96/As labeled)

And I’d thought I would run out of things to say about him and his concert… did I still not know the man enough? Or could it be that in my delusional mind he only existed in the way I was familiar with and accustomed to? But I forgot time was flowing. Our lovely boy has all grown up.

This 2013 concert is the most colorful of his. Perhaps not his PERSONAL colors per se (I won’t make the same ignorant mistake again), but the many shades of Lee Seung Gi, as a singer, an actor, and, more definitively, as a performer.

In the movie memories stage, he picked out “Scent of a Woman” (1992) — literally, as a DVD on the shelf in the film clip shown to open this stage — to set up the mood. Then the image of a blind Al Pacino trying resolutely and valiantly to tango gave the cue of the music theme. All the songs in this stage were rearranged/reinterpreted in the tango tempo (did I mention I love tango?). Some worked brilliantly, some less so (‘Return’ was still too fresh in my mind in its original rendition and I liked it better that way).

I loved ‘Shade of Separation,’ set to “Leon: The Professional” (1994) and ‘Will You Marry Me’ to “Notting Hill” (1999). About the latter, seeing the bright and toothy smile of Julia Roberts flashing on the projection screen, and hearing Seung Gi’s confession of love and commitment, I could not help but wonder if the movie story meant something extra special to him. A famous movie star (Roberts’ character) fell for a ‘nobody’ and against all odds true love prevailed. He must have found some resonance (and wistful hopefulness?) there.

We also got the full-blooded, super charged treatment of Rock stage. Here, the young buck who fell in love with music through rock totally dominated the stage, the stadium, the very air we breathed in.

I was really taken aback when I first heard ‘Gangwon-do Arirang’ outside the stadium. I said to Tryp (yes, that’s the devoted and well-known blogger, my concert going companion) that’s not Seung Gi singing, was it. She wisely advised me that it most likely was. (Stupid me, really – who else would be belting out songs like no tomorrow in HIS concert venue!) It was an amazing song. Was it trot? Parts of the song sounded like it. But the way Seung Gi sang it, the sensation could only be described as pulsing, agitating, exciting rock. Perhaps that’s why the song was used as a connection between trot and rock stage.

What then followed was a series of songs (rock versions) so electrifying that by the end of the stage I collapsed thankfully into my chair, totally drained from all the jumping and swaying and waving and singing along. (The Saturday’s concert I was on the 1st floor section and the floor trembled!) Even the old standby, ‘Let’s Go on Vacation,’ took on new significance this year as he just came back from the “Noonas Over Flowers” trip.

Speaking of which, he teased and boasted so happily about the premier success. He said initially, Na PD had encouraged the team to strive for reaching 10% ratings by the end of the season. But of course, that seemingly insurmountable goal had been reached at the first outing. Seung Gi said he talked with Na PD again after the great showing and now Na PD’s line was to strive to MAINTAIN it. So Seung Gi told the audience that more people don’t need to watch the show, just to maintain the ratings is okay. (Hahaha, I so loved his boastful jokes!).

The two younger Noonas went to the Sunday concert. Seung Gi introduced them and everyone just cheered.  They stood up and waved and bowed. So cute. Also I think his parents went for the Saturday concert but sat somewhere near the ‘mountain top.’ There was a big commotion before the concert opened. A lot of screeches and heads turned. I’m not sure if the fuss was over them.

He showcased his beloved ballad skills most impressively in another off center stage setting of a bulbs-lit box/room with a white piano. He played and sang quietly ‘Let’s Break Up.’ I don’t play the instrument but the piano melody was just so subtly sad and touching.

Later, I read that a piano teacher who’d attended the concert commented that while playing, Seung Gi had relaxed shoulders, very clean pedal work, and his wrists were natural. His voice was in tip top form these two days. The singing here was a real solo, no atmospheric string orchestra to add to the texture, no backup singers to help and distract… just him, the piano, and, at the highlight of the song, a violin and cello (or was it bass?) joining in. Total bliss.

Per last year’s practice, official fan club members were treated to a ‘preview’ or ‘rehearsal’ before Sunday’s concert. I was a little apprehensive about this, because of what happened last year. When the registration to this event turned into another fiasco (ah, Hook!) I was even considering not going. But of course I went, not able to resist another chance of catching a glimpse of Seung Gi. Much to my surprise and amazement, this rehearsal was very enjoyable. He in a simple dark grey turtleneck and black slacks looked incredibly handsome.

The songs he chose to ‘rehearse’ were ‘Let’s Break Up’ at the piano and ‘Last Words’ to the wonderful scenes of “Gu Family Book.” These two very intimate songs really did give audience a feel of work in progress (just the feel, as he performed both to perfection). When he sang ‘Last Words’ he rested at parts and seemingly just listened and enjoyed the accompaniment with us. This ‘we are all in this together’ feeling was exactly what I had been hoping to get out of the event.

Like last year, he drew up some lucky Airens to receive gifts, not handmade cookies this time, but Cuckoo rice cookers (wow!) and Hanwoo products (moo!). After he read out a few numbers (in Korean, of course), he heard the grumbles from us and added in English and Japanese! Dear Seung Gi, Chinese soon?

The theme of this year’s concert is ‘Happy, Angry, Sad, Joyful.’ I’d been wondering how he’s going to interpret ‘angry.’ Looking over the song list, I had to assign that emotion to ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer.’ Yes, you know, THE DANCE. I was seriously tempted to say that performance (not just the dance, but the singing, arrangement, design, and staging) was THE performance of this concert.

It started with a film where a distraught Seung Gi stared desperately and, yes, angrily, at himself in the mirror. He was crying. And no amount of cold water splashing onto his face could wash away the memories and sadness of his loss. (I confess I don’t know the meaning of the lyrics. My interpretation was based on the title – what a great one! – and the performance, which could not be more expressive. Then the stage performance began with Seung Gi in a simple and fitted white button-down shirt (Ann would love it to bits) and shapely pants, the exact style I hope to see him in the coming drama.

Out came Bora, in an over-sized boyfriend shirt, looking so naturally seductive (much more so than Sistar’s usual glamorous and revealing costumes). The two weaved in and out, slid and slithered to and fro, right and left, a tangled mess of pent up passions and desires.

Seung Gi’s moves were those of a MAN, fully in command of his sexual prowess, confident yet not self-conscientious, strong yet gentle, loving yet mysterious. The shy and smiling boy who adoringly put on a front in ‘My Ear’s Candy’ was gone not around any longer. If there was a hint of nostalgia in the mind of devoted fans, I can assure you it only came later. At the moment, one could only scream helplessly and stare at this marvel, drinking it up to the last drop, so hungry for more.

Let me take a breather here. Remember I was similarly stunned by his Latin dance of 2011? Yes, that was great. But this staging he also sang. Performed by such an expressive singer, such a fine actor, the song just added so much depth to the choreography.

He ended the concert with ‘Last Words,’ a song that grows on you the more you hear it. In an interview he lamented that he was over-thinking it when he composed the song. I felt it jut bears the signature of Lee Seung Gi so unmistakably that it’s hard pressed to appreciate it as an OST, for a costumed drama no less. From that perspective, it cannot be said to be completely successful. But as a stand-alone song, the composer has nothing to be apologetic about. Then finally the melody of ‘Last Words’ faded with his retreating backside.

He mentioned the concerts in Daegu and Busan, but no customary goodbyes of ‘see you in Seoul next year.’ What was the meaning of that?

A Japanese fan by my side grabbed a silver ribbon as thousands of them were flying down from the top. I tried to pick up one that had landed on my shoulder, but the fan behind me was quicker. However just as we were lining up to leave the stadium, I spotted one lying on the floor and snatched it up gratefully. At least now I have this dear ribbon to remember the concert by.

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10 Responses

  1. Aww….thank you AnnMichelle, Ann LSGfan, and tryp. What a lovely fan account, Ann.
    “He mentioned the concerts in Daegu and Busan, but no customary goodbyes of ‘see you in Seoul next year.’ What was the meaning of that?”
    OMG, my vision is blurred even though I’m trying to hold back my tears.

  2. A million thanks to AnnMichelle for this precious fan account. I truly enjoyed it. A big thanks to LSGfan too for this awesome blog.

  3. Thanks to this fanaccount..love the part about Seunggi and Bora’s performance. Even with the blurry fancam quality, I could sense a lot of chemistry and intensity between the two which was surprising since their combination was so unlikely.
    And wow it really seems like he’s going to MS next year…it will take some getting used to not having updates and activities about him for the next two years T_T

  4. Thanks for the fan account. It’s lovely to read this, even though I was there for the 2 days concert. Not sure about the commotion on the upper floor on sat concert, because I sat at the floor area. There was also commotion on the floor area before the concert opened, because Lee Seo Jin and a few people (maybe Hook staff or other invited guests) came to sit at the last row of the floor area, behind my seats.
    I do not understand korean, so I did not know that he did not say “see you in seoul next year”. Still hoping that there will be another concert before he enlist.

    • I was in Section 9 on Saturday and did notice the commotion just before the concert open. So that was caused by Midae hyung. He seems to be a fixture in SG’s concerts. Very nice of him to be there to celebrate the occasion. I don’t understand Korean either; I just reported what I heard/read from others who do. :-)

  5. Thank you for such lovely fan account… It seems he is going next year, hopefully after a drama and an album. Like pinksapphire I hope there will be another concert next year.

  6. Tqssssm for the lovely fan account AnnMichelle, Ann LSGfan, and tryp also. Initially i was kind of sad, question myself why are you all so quite, its bad this time or same as last few concerts, Im really worried, (this feeling come along after reading review of NoF 1st ep despite the good rating, i really feel bad and sad for him and hate Na PD) but..thank goodness you’ll rock, his rock and im smiling non stop reading again an again …..tqsm guys for make my day…luv sooo much my dearie seung gi for being himself and grown up maturely

  7. mark

  8. Thanks Ann Michelle for this wonderful and elegantly written fan account, like our SG! The pictures are perfect to set the mood of the concert potrayed through a tender heart and lovely writing. Seung Gi is truly born to rock the stage. Love him as a musician the best!

  9. Is he going to enlist next year after his drama? is this the reason why he is having more concerts this year? I have lots of questions now. Anyway whatever he is going to do in the future we just need to support him and if ever he enlist we are going to be sad that’s for sure but we must be proud of him 2 years maybe long for us but times flies fast we will wait for his return after his enlistment we can see a new lee seung gi more mature anyway that’s not yet sure so let’s enjoy the present and support oppa’s upcoming drama and events :) thanks annmichelle,tryp,lsgfan you guys are the best thank you for always updating about lee seung gi #fighting ! :))

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