[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 1 cut – Seunggi wanted to cry!

English translation of the video…

Things worked out… but reflective Seunggi
(Aw, I think he was close to tears at the counter~ huhu)

LSG: I… felt so small…
I almost cried a few times…
Really… I wanted to take my mic off and go cry…

LSG: Which way do I need to go?
[Running around diligently]

LSG: I’m totally out of my element here.

[Not being able to show any results Seunggi]
LSG: Yes yes, over there…

LSG: What I realized in a big way…
[Not liking who I was during those embarrassing moments]
LSG: I felt like… some dummy!

[What could 27-year old Seunggi be thinking about]
[Debuting in high school, living as an entertainer for 9 years]
LSG: I never had to direct anyone like this before…

[Used to hiding his thoughts and will, 27-year old Seunggi]
LSG: For me, I always moved according to a schedule planned for me.

LSG: I never thought and did things that would burden others…

[This trip covered many firsts for him]
LSG: The bus leaves at 5am.

[Growing within 10 days… from luggage to real porter…!]

[And into a real adult, able to guide anyone…!]

[Mistakes… Failure… Lacking… Embarrassment…]

[Energy to grow from all these things]

[This is the privilege young people possess]

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

I was tearing up watching this…
Seunggi so serious when talking about the hardship early on.
I totally believe he wanted to cry! but he has amazing discipline.

The background music and Seunggi talking…
And the message about the power to grow from our mistakes…

Really great stuffs.  Seunggi is the perfect messenger.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the trans. We laughed at SeungGi’s heodang-ness but totally understand his frustration. Yes.. I was tearing up too esp after watching this again with a better understanding.

  2. Awww Seung Gi, I think I love you even more now. If that is possible.
    Thanks again for all your updates and thoughts always a joy to read. Have a blessed holiday season…

  3. It’s amazing a variety/travel show can distill such moving and sublime message and show it with such heart! Like you said, Lee Seung Gi is the perfect person to deliver it. I totally underestimated the show!

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