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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 2 – Preview

* Updated with ENGLISH-subbed video

(video: vakaala) woot woot! thx v!

English translation of the Facebook Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 preview…

[The first day in Turkey looks bright…]

Seunggi: Don’t talk about spin tops. That spin top is cursed. Within an hour of buying this spin top, everything happened…

[Forgetting memories of the early morning the other day, the trip begins happily… However…]

Noona: (to the boy) You’re so good.

[The mysterious spin top bought from the young boy]

[Makes Seunggi into a samryongi…]

HeeAe: Where did they go?

Seunggi: Where did she go?

[Makes HeeAe get lost…]

[Makes them become chasers on their first trip…]

StreetPerson: You cheated first!!! Get on your knees!

JaOak: The man seems to be in the wrong.

[Makes JaOak get embroiled in a couple’s fight…]

[All these things began with the spin top…]

[Noonas over Flowers]
[Episode 2: Curse of the Spin Top in Turkey]
[December 6, Friday 10pm]

English: LSGfan, Video: TheChtvn

Nooooo~ why all the scary, freaky background music~~~?!?!?!!

And why is Seunggi running again~~~?!?!?!

This better be some funny joke at the end……. (PD Na and PD Lee!)

I thought I was watching some trailer for some scary movie!

Oh Seunggi……….. huhu.

Re-watch Noonas over Flowers Ep 1
if you can hold back the tears and heartache for dear Seunggi…

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2 Responses

  1. OMG, hope thats the last ep. for their Turkey part. İ feel really more nervous then Seung Gi while watching these parts and after hear he had hard time …and otherwise to be there at same place and havent meet him in person hurts the most .Hope there are any and he remember only good things about İstanbul :(

    • Seunggi will remember Istanbul for ONE thing~~~ that awesome lovely Turkish Airens came to greet him at the airport at 4am!!! Greeting him with smiles, gifts, and flowers. Giving him much-needed confidence and support in the midst of an otherwise very stressful day at the airport!

      Turkish Airens greeting him at the airport was the main bright spot for him during the 1st broadcast, so he’ll be forever thankful to you guys and remember you! Thank you again to Airens in Turkey for showing so much love~~ you guys are jjjjaaaang! And I’m sure Seunggi thinks so too!

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