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Running Man bromance – Lee Seung Gi & Lee Kwang Soo

November 18, 2013.  Filming of Running Man Ep 174.  Seunggi can have AMAZING chemistry with ANYONE, even inanimate things like a rice cooker!  Because he knows how to bring out the best in the other person and naturally make those around him shine.  Just love him more every time.  And loved Seunggi-Kwangsoo together.  I think Kwangsoo secretly loved it every time Seunggi called out to him~ Hyung or Leader!  hehe.  He and Kwangsoo are such polar opposite personalities~~ Kwangsoo SO hyper and always over-the-top.  Makes for great combo with the easily excitable but funny-without-trying-to-be-funny heodang Seunggi.  More fanpics from the filming…

Kwangsoo is nuts!  Seunggi’s smile just kills me each time!

omg. this time Kwangsoo piggy-backing Seunggi~~~  Not easy.
He has to carry all of Seunggi’s body, which has been hitting the gym a lot!

Thank you to this Grandma for getting off the bus~~~!!!
Allowing Seunggi and Kwangsoo to move on to next stop!

Liked this four-some mix~~~
Seunggi, Kwangsoo, Jaesuk, Hyejin.

Seunggi-Kwangsoo bromance was the top highlight of the Running Man ep!
Missed hearing Seunggi call out “hyung” all the time~~~
Getting all excited when he wins a mission!
And everyone calling out to him~ Seunggi-ya~~!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Ahhh SeungGi-ya … you always be the darling maknae in variety show :*

  2. I am not a RM fan but I just love this episode, never a dull moment and SG + KS are just so cute together.

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