Lee Seung Gi for Market O ‘Real Brownie Blondie’ CF

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

[Flower Noonas real story]
[Flower Noonas Real Brownie Blondie story]

Seunggi-ya, you haven’t found it yet?
Seunggi-ya~~~  Seunggi-ya~~~!!!

LSG: Noona, why are you so being so prickly toward me?

[Generously 100% real white chocolate chunks and vanilla]

Gently melting the prickly noonas~ Smoothly.
Market O ‘Real Brownie Blondie.’

LSG: Market O knows a woman’s heart.

Nice~~~~ looks like Seunggi’s new CF for Market O is for multiple products.

Why am I sensing lots of PPL in upcoming Noonas over Flowers?!?!?!

Well, they were in Croatia, so I guess he couldn’t have packed all sweets.

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